APA Is Not The Same

APA Nano, is the smoothest, most efficient single-cam bow that I have ever shot! This bow is 30″ axle-to-axle sends darts downrange up to 330fps all with a 7.25″ brace height for a comfortable shot!

However, don’ let  comfort fool you into thinking this bow is slow!


The pulse of this bow is the Venom 2 Cam, which provides 8 inches of draw length in half-inch increments, lets not forget the solid draw stop for a solid back wall.

The Nano comes with Scorpion Strings, full range of APA features that set APA from the rest of the bow manufacturers. With features like an integrated carry handle, Fang Riser (integrated bow hook), nock wrench, integrated broadhead wrench, and integrated carbide broadhead sharpener. Last but not least, the cam lock system which enables you the archer to lock the cams while in the field. Why would you want to do this? How about to replace your strings, cables, peep all without a bow press or having to take back to the shop.

The APA Nano is perfect for treestands, ground blinds or spotting and stalking.

Each single cam Viper Nano is perfect for the traveling hunter because it’s built with a riser-integrated cam lock, meaning strings and cables can be replaced without the use of a bow press.

The 3.9lb Viper Nano is offered in a variety of cool finishes ranging from Buckskin Stealth/Black Limbs to Pink CAMO/Black Limbs.

I truly enjoy shooting this bow, even enjoy hunting with it even more!

Give APA Archery a call today, ask them about their “Risk Free Test Drive” and tell them Rudy a.k.a. “Winded Bowhunter” sent you!


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  1. Kale O'Neil says:

    I have the M7!! Love it!!!