Tips for Field Judging Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.–A trophy bull can turn up almost anywhere in elk country but opportunities to take one are rare. When a monster steps out, a hunter often has no time to count antler points, much less compute scores. But not always. Sometimes there’s ample chance to really focus and size up an elk in your search for the bull of a lifetime.

Will you know a world-class trophy if you see one?

“All elk hunters are fascinated by antlers, but not everyone recognizes what it takes to grow trophies. Big headgear is a product of genetics, age and nutrition provided by great habitat,” said David Allen, president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. “Learning to field judge antlers will help you understand even more about the elk you’re looking at, whether it’s one for the record books–or one to let walk away and grow up.” [Read more…]

Who Likes Leftovers?

Wyoming Game & Fish Dept

Wyoming’s leftover tags go on sale this morning, July 6th at 8am Mountain Time.  The reduced priced leftovers tags go on sale July 20th.

There are a few good antelope tags available for units that have very limites access issues, if this is your cup tea, you better belly up to table!

Into High Country

Zing Outdoor Productions

After a hunting season that Zing Outdoor Productions will not soon forget, a season filled with great joy and great heartache…  After a ton of  long night’s in the editing studio,  It is with great anticipation that their brand new show “INTO HIGH COUNTRY with Jason Matzinger” will premier Thursday, June 30th at 2:30 pm(EST) only on the Sportsman Channel!  They were able to capture some absolutely breathtaking footage this past season and have combined it with an all new look and feel of the show!  They will be hunting everything from Whitetail Deer to Mountain Lions from all over North America including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta just to name a few.  Please past this information along anyway you can including Facebook, Websites or any other Social Media sites you may belong to!  I am confident that Jason and Zing Outdoor Productions, would greatly appreciate it and I hope you enjoy!

Show Times (EST)
Sundays 11:30 am
Thursdays 2:30 pm
Mondays 3:30 am

Hunt Hard,

Zing Outdoor Productions

Discounted Columbian Blacktail Deer Hunt

Columbian Blacktail Deer

Archery Only Consultants has a cancellation hunt for OPENING WEEK OF THE CALIFORNIA ARCHERY SEASON!

This hunt takes place on a private ranch in N/W California.  The ranch has a good deer population with hunter success near 100%.  Only two archery hunts are sold on the ranch yearly and this party of two have forfeited their deposit which is to your advantage!  We have also added to this package at no extra cost to the hunter because the first day of the hunt is schedule to start July 9th! [Read more…]

Bugling Bull Shows and Seminars

Bugling Bull Game Calls

Want to learn the techniques used by the pros in all types of calls? Then these seminars by Rockie Jacobsen, Michael Batease and Lance Sellers are your Huckleberry! [Read more…]

Montana Tags Available

Montana Leftover General Tags Available For Sale Now!
Montana has 1,052 Big Game or Elk Combination Licenses leftover for purchase. These licenses are being sold online only on a first-come, first-served- basis. No paper applications will be accepted. To purchase one of these licenses visit Montana’s licensing web page at If you’re looking for an outfitter give us a call at 435-865-1020. We have some great options still available in Montana for elk and deer! [Read more…]

I Dont See Any Elk

It’s the time of year when we start the tag game with state game licensing. We go through our gear to check what needs to be replaced, upgraded or repaired. One of the things overlooked every season, especially for Western game is self preparation. By self preparation, I don’t mean physical fitness, I mean mental skills and know-how! For elk this is a crucial part of your planning. [Read more…]

Archery Mule Deer Rut Special

If you are in the hunt for a late season archery Mulei hunt, the great team over at Outdoors International have an early Christmas present for you!


Guide to Going Gutless

MISSOULA, Mont.–Eviscerating an elk can be an unpleasant part of a hunt; the prelude to hard, heavy work packing out quarters. But the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is offering insights to a lesser-known, long-proven alternative. Gutless field dressing can save you time, weight and handling of entrails with no significant loss of meat.

This method also allows hunters to skip the traditional step of splitting and handling the spine, which can contain fluids associated with chronic wasting disease. [Read more…]

Pronghorn Hunting 101 Seminar in Ellicott

ELLICOTT, Colo. – Late-season pronghorn hunters looking for tips to improve their success are invited to a free seminar in Ellicott at the Community Center, 23355 CO Hwy 94, on Mon., Nov. 8 at 6 p.m.

The clinic is a way for pronghorn hunters to learn how and where to hunt pronghorn and improve their chances of successfully harvesting an animal.  Preparation for the hunt, pronghorn biology, hunting techniques and ethical hunting will be covered in the presentation.

“We will specifically focus on hunting in December,” said local District Wildlife Manager Jeromy Huntington.  “One thing we’ll cover will be the value of scouting, as pronghorn may not be in the same location as they were for the regular pronghorn seasons and they tend to be in larger groups.” [Read more…]