ECWSF Heads to Higher Country

Entrance to the ECWSF Expo

We attended the Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation (ECWSF) Expo this past weekend. Preliminary numbers show that once again the expo was a success in generating good numbers for the Wild Sheep Foundation.

For those of you that were not familiar with some of the auction items, I have listed the last 3 items auctioned below and funds generated:

2012 Pennsylvania Governor’s Elk Permit – $37,500
Wyoming Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Permit for 2012 – $57,000
Tiburon Island Desert Bighorn Sheep Permit and Hunt for 2012-2013 – $87,500

The mission of the Wild Sheep Foundation is to enhance wild sheep populations, promote professional wildlife management, educate the public about wild sheep and the conservation benefits of hunting, encourage fair chase hunting, and protect sportsmen’s rights – while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.
Nature's Best Wildlife Artistry
In addition to the gala, we were able to meet a lot of great people. Some of them are listed below:

Kelly Double of Nature’s Best Wildlife Artistry (very impressive taxidermy and he’s close to my house!)
Bruce Theresa Ambler of Ambler’s Bighorn Country Guiding (Awesome California Big Horn Sheep)
Matt and Riley Leuenberger of Baldy Mountain Outfitters (Great Big Horn Sheep)
Tyson Mackin of Mackin Outfitting (formerly Happy Valley Outfitters) (Superb Mulies in both the prairie and high country)
Bryan Martin of Asian Mountain Outfitters (1 stop shop for Marco Polo, Ibex, Argali, Brown Bear, Tur, Wild Boar, Snow Sheep)
Charly Culbertson who is a guide in Alaska and has filmed many of Bob Foulkrod’s hunts. (A wealth of knowledge and a resource for many types of hunts)
Ryan Benson of Big Game Forever (invest millions directly in on-the-ground projects wildlife)
John Annoni of Camp Compass (Provides disadvantaged children with life skills and educational help through the use of outdoor activities, you should support the cause. What’s 1 dollar?!)

Come see us and support the ECWSF in 2013 at the Lancaster County Convention Center located in Lancaster, PA and mark your calendar for February 14-16 2013!

Rudy of Winded Bowhunter - ECWSF

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  1. Wow Rudy!! I know why I am not a sheep hunter unless I am fortunate to one day win a trip!! That is awesome though to raise that kind of money for a great conservation group!

    • windedbowhunter says:

      Chad, you and I both! I hope to rack up enough points or win a lottery tag. Having said that, after sitting down and talking with some of the CA outfitters on sheep, goat, moose hunting. It now makes sense why it is a cost effective option for some hunters.

      It was for a great cause the Tiburon Sheep was won by a friend of a friend that was sitting at our table. He was on the phone with him placing the bids for him.

      I can’t wait for next years show, its looking to a HUGE show!