Firenock APS (Arrow Preparation System) – Review

Firenock APS Spin Testing Broadhead

Firenock APS Spin Testing Broadhead

Like some of you, I like to “tinker” with archery gear.

Some of this gear is brand new to the industry, some just appear to more to my liking in design and function and some I have never heard of but found during my research, this brings me to Firenock!

Several years ago, in my search for a reliable lighted nock, I came across the Firenock S1. I tested against two other brands and found the Firenock S1 to be hands-down better, more reliable and easier to use that the other two lighted nocks that I tested. Unfortunately, my hunting rig was stolen that year, so I was never able to complete my review of a full hunting season with photos…

 I always kept Firenock on my list of top archery innovators of “beneficial” archery products!

Since that time, I have grown to building my own arrows. Just like tuning my bow, when building my arrows, I build them the best that I can. While this is time consuming, it is relaxing, fun at times and rewarding to see your art fly downrange and hit that target!

The beginning of my arrow building process begins with selecting the correct arrow shaft for my bow configuration as well as the use of the completed arrow. Once I have the bare shafts in hand it is time to spine index the arrow shafts and locate the arrow spine index. You will use the arrow spine index to identify where to align your cock vane/feather.

The next step in my arrow building process is to cut my arrows to my specified length needed and square the ends of the arrow shaft.  When you properly square the ends of the arrow shaft, it allows your nocks, arrow inserts and outserts to properly seat against the arrow shaft and provides optimal alignment from tip to tip of your arrow shaft.

Firenock APS Squaring Arrow Shaft

Firenock APS Squaring Arrow Shaft with arrow wraps and fletchings on the bow.

Firenock APS Squaring Insert

Firenock APS Squaring Insert

Firenock APS Spin Testing Broadhead in motion

Firenock APS Spin Testing Broadhead in motion

I tried several arrow squaring solutions, but none of them provided the kind of consistency that I required, until I found the Firenock APS (Arrow Preparation System)!

What is the Firenock APS?
The APS is a 4-in-1 tool (arrow squaring tool (with or without fletchings), insert squaring tool, arrow spin checker, and a concentricity checker).  After you use the APS on a few arrows, you will be to use it on every arrow build and or repair that you perform.

The APS contains 4 pieces:
Adjustable Roller Track Base System (1)
Crowned Roller Ball Bearing (2)
Never Wear Grinding Block (1)

The APS Rollers have crowned ball bearings which provide a larger surface area to support the arrow, while allowing the arrow to ride in the center of the bearings. Additionally, it provides a smoother surface that is very sensitive to irregularities, especially with spin testing your broadheads! You can perform these spins nearly effortlessly, so don’t spin it like you’re on the Wheel of Fortune, or the arrow will fly off!

The APS Never Wear Grinding Block isn’t a grinding stone; you provide your own adhesive backed sand paper. This a much more cost effective solution, instead of having to replace/purchase a proprietary abrasion surface. 3M makes some great solutions to fit this function. I recommend using 150 grit to square your carbon shafts and 220 grit for aluminum arrows, outserts and inserts.

Since, I started using the Firenock APS after cutting my arrow shafts and then as the spin tester, my arrows have never been straighter!

This is by far, the best arrow preparation system that I have ever used and will continue to use it on all my own, family and friends arrow shafts!

As always, Firenock won’t disappoint you as their precision tools and products are unparalleled!

By the way, the Firenock APS is made in the good ole USA!

You can order your own Firenock APS this link.

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