Grizzly & Black Bear Hunt in British Columbia

Tallgrass Outfitters Black Bear

Spring is closing rapidly. Anyone looking for a great Interior Grizzly hunt should seriously consider this one. They will be conducting this hunt in May. There are two non-resident licenses for the 2012 spring hunt. They will accommodate the hunters schedule and give you the best dates available. They have dropped the price and added a reduced trophy fee for second Black Bear if taken for hunters that wish to travel alone.

There are two options for this hunt.
1) For hunters wishing to travel alone. Hunt Price is $9000 plus a $4000 trophy fee for killed or wounded Grizzly. This hunt will include one Black Bear in the hunt price and if hunters are wishing to harvest a second Black Bear, I will let them for a $500 trophy fee upon harvest ( normally $1600). Tax, lic and nrhpf are extra . This is 10 full days hunting.

2) For hunters wishing to bring someone. As in my past offer the Grizzly hunter can also harvest a Black Bear as well and bring someone(son, daughter, wife ect….) to accompany them for 10 days and harvest a Black Bear them self at no additional cost other than Licensing and nrhpf.

This is a very high success rate hunt for Grizzly and Black Bear alike. We will be targeting Mature Boar Grizzly in the 7.5 – 8.5 ft range. I have spent many many years in these mountains, it is a great hunt. I will structure this hunt to best suite each hunters physical needs. The hunt dates as mentioned will take place in the month of May.

Note* Archery hunters are welcome and we have a lot of experience with bow hunters but the Price will be $13,000 flat fee plus licensing, tax and nrhpf. Other than the price structure, everything else from 1) and 2) will be included in the price.

Some spring Black Bear hunts are still available for May as well in the same area as we do the Grizzly hunts. It is not uncommon to see 10 bears a day. These are 6 day hunts. 2 on 1 $3959 and 1 on 1 $4500.

Look forward to hearing from you. PS hunters will fly into Kamloops BC.

Kind regards from BC,

Tim Stephenson
Tallgrass Outfitting
Lillooet B.C Canada
250 256-0495
250 256-9347 cell


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