Hunters Should Use Their Antlerless Deer Tags

Hunters still possessing licenses for antlerless white-tailed and mule deer in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 6 should plan to harvest those animals before the end of November, state wildlife officials said Friday.

That’s because at this point there are no plans to schedule any additional special deer management hunts after the general deer season ends on Nov. 29, said Region 6 Supervisor Pat Gunderson. If no additional deer management seasons take place, unused 2009 licenses will simply expire.

In past years deer management seasons — used to control populations of big game animals that are over objectives — typically took place after the general hunting season was over. This year, however, big-game managers are running two special management seasons in select Region 6 hunting districts at the same time as the general deer season.

Nonresidents participating in these hunts can purchase the special licenses at a reduced rate if they possess a prerequisite license. Montana residents can buy special management licenses for $10 each.

As of Nov. 6, there were 573 of the 699-01 Deer “B” licenses left. These licenses cover the special white-tailed deer management season now taking place in Hunting Districts 630, 640, 641, 650, 651 and 670.

Also as of Nov. 6, there were 78 Deer “B” 640-01 licenses that remained unsold. These licenses cover a special antlerless mule deer management season now underway in Hunting District 640.

In addition, as of Nov. 6 there were 832 other antlerless mule and white-tailed deer surplus and over-the-counter licenses available for sale for use in Region 6. Resident hunters also can purchase one 006-10 regionwide, antlerless, white-tailed Deer “B” license apiece. All of the other Deer “B” licenses are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the general 2009 big game season, each hunter may possess up to seven “Deer B” licenses in any combination via drawing, over-the-counter, or surplus purchase. Because the special management seasons are administratively separate from the general season, hunters may purchase up to four more of the 699-01 or 640-01 licenses — or a combination of these two license types — apiece.

This expanded license possession limit is in addition to the “Deer A” license, which can be used for harvesting a buck deer or either-sex deer in many Montana hunting districts.

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