Huntin Fool Updates

Draw Results:
New Mexico draw results are out. Results are posted on New Mexico’s website

Let us know if you drew and we will add you to the Member Draw and send you a list of members that have drawn previously or an outfitter if you are interested in one.

Landowner Tags:
If you didn’t draw a tag, don’t give up! We have have some great New Mexico elk tags available and Colorado landowners are contacting us on a daily basis. Here are some tags currently available:

New Mexico Elk – Unit 16A (Rifle)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 16C (Archery)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 17 (Archery and Muzzleloader)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 34 (Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 15 (Muzzleloader)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 13 (Archery and Muzzleloader)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 52 (Archery)
New Mexico Elk – Unit 51 (Rifle)

If you are interested in landowner tags, visit our website or call us at 435-865-1020 for more information.

Summer Membership Drive:
The 2010 Summer Membership Drive is the shortest Membership Drive in The Huntin’ Fool history, but with over $160,000 worth of prizes, is also the highest value ever. We constantly get asked if these are discounted or lesser valued hunts. We paid full price years ago for these hunts and they are the best hunts with the best dates available! These are great hunts from great outfitters who are booked for years and don’t need to discount these world class hunts. This Membership Drive is like allowing you to apply in the drawings for 16 more states and for the best hunt in each state. To top it off we have just finished two new Extreme Western Hunting DVDs (#3 and #4) that highlight our 2009 hunting adventures. You can only get these new DVDs through our Membership Drive.

When you refer a new member you will receive 2 – $50 tickets plus a FREE DVD. You can also purchase tickets $50 each or 5 for $200. New for this Membership Drive, when you purchase 5 tickets for $200 you will receive a FREE DVD plus a Golden Ticket. The Golden Ticket is a seperate drawing where the winner of this drawing can choose one of the following hunts: 2011 Dall Sheep hunt, 2011 Utah rifle Elk rut hunt, 2012 Mexico Mule Deer hunt, 2011 Colorado unit 21 guided Mule Deer hunt, or a 2011 Colorado Elk ranch lease for 4 rifle hunters. For complete details visit our website

Call us at 435-865-1020 or join your friends online at You can also purchase tickets on our online store

The June issue of The Huntin’ Fool has shipped and you should have received it.
The July issue of The Huntin’ Fool will ship June 18th and you should receive it by July 2nd.
REMINDER: In order to get you the information in time to meet state deadlines, the May and June issues are sent within 1 week of each other. This is the only time in the year this will happen. Keep in mind this causes a gap for your July issue. Contact us at 435-865-1020 if you aren’t receiving your issues.


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