Introducing The Rack-It Cocking Device

Rack-ItRack-It LLC has confronted a common issue of individuals who are incapable of manipulating the slide of their semi-automatic firearm.  They responded with a simple, easy-to-use device called the Rack-it. The Rack-it is a compact sized CNC-machined block available in either t6061 aluminum or Delrin that isolates the slide only of a semi-automatic firearm. Usage requires a simple push down and pull up, or push and release movement only, making the required action quick and easy.  It is designed in three sizes and is offered in three models: belt clip, wall mount, and a shooting range/gunsmith stand. The belt clip and wall mount brackets are made of 1050 cr spring steel and powder-coated while the shooting range/gunsmith stand is made of 1/4″ steel and powder coated. The independent design allows the user the freedom to choose regarding holster preference and requires no modifications to the firearm. The aluminum Rack-It is anodized with a type 3 hard coat Teflon impregnated finish, available in 4 colors while the Delrin is available in black.

The Rack-It was developed for those who are enduring through paralysis, stroke, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, amputees and those with other health issues.  It allows them to quickly and easily manipulate the slide and rack a round into the chamber of a pistol with one hand.

“The Rack-It is a perfect accessory for anyone who has trouble with their hands and works well for any gun enthusiasts who want to be able to operate the slide of a semi-automatic pistol quickly,” Mike Love, President of Rack-It, LLC said. “Some people can operate a slide but prefer a Rack-It because it makes racking a gun quick and easy. Men and women have found the Rack-It to be a great time saver.”

Rack-It, LLC is based in Virginia and is committed to providing a quality “Made in the USA” product. Learn more about Rack-It by visiting Rack-It.

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