Kentucky Elk Landowner Tag For Sale

Bull ElkI know of a landowner that had a hunter back out at the last minute on this very limited landowner tag in Kentucky.

The tag is good for Firearms Oct. 3-16 and Archery Oct. 17-Jan 18.

Hunting is allowed only on Graham WMA property.  I contacted the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and they said the purchaser would not need to use an outfitter. You can get more information on elk in Kentucky here!

If you have any further questions contact Sherry G. Duncan at 1.615.418.2513

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  • T.L. Wilson

    looking for tag?

  • Anthony Faulkner

    My son has a friend named Ruth sorry about that.
    Thanks, and I hope to be hearing from you.

  • Anthony Faulkner

    Hello Ruth
    I am trying to purchase a landowners 2010 ky bull elk tag. If you here of any my home number is 502-549-5242 please leave a message. I am a kentucky resident.

    • Anthony, If I hear of any availability of tags, I will contact you!


  • Anthony Faulkner

    Will you have any tags for 2010 seasons? I am looking for one maybe two.
    Home# 502-549-5242

    • Anthony,
      I personally do not have any tags for Kentucky, if that is what you’re referring to. I didn’t even draw in the Kentucky lottery this year.

  • Teresa

    Looking for spot to elk hunt this fall. Any info you can provide?

    • Teresa, What type of hunt are you looking for? What area or areas are you interested in? What is your budget?