New Low-Profile HEXX

Easton HexxNew Low-Profile HEXX Combines Flat Trajectory, With Unparalleled Accuracy and Improved Penetration

Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment introduces the Carbon HEXX™ arrow for 2013.

The new HEXX is the ultimate lightweight, high-speed arrow that features the tightest tolerances of any all-carbon arrow ever produced by Easton. HEXX combines a reduced 6mm outside diameter with cutting-edge lightweight carbon that gives the bowhunter and 3D archer a perfect blend of flat shooting, friction-reduced penetration, and higher factory precision for more accurate shooting. Carbon HEXX is the perfect arrow to recommend to a hard-core, speed-seeking bowhunter, looking to take out all the stops and shoot the best equipment available today.

The HEXX is available for immediate delivery and comes with pre-installed H Nocks and includes Microlite H inserts to give archers flatter shooting deep big game penetration. For the highest accuracy level, Easton straightens HEXX to within ±.001″.

To order HEXX carbon arrows call toll free (800) 421-2689 or for information visit

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