Hawk Introduces Sasquatch

Hawk SasquatchFrankenmuth, MI— January 9, 2017 — It has been confirmed, there truly is a ‘Beast of The Woods’! Hawk proudly introduces the largest stands to ever hit the woods with the 21′ SASQUATCH 1.5-MAN and the 18′ SASQUATCH 2.0-MAN Ladders.

Designed with Beast-Sized MeshComfort™ Lounger Seats and platforms large enough to take all your gear AND an extra lunchbox to the woods! The XXL MeshComfort™ Seats define ‘comfort’ and flip-up with Silent Teflon Washers so hunters can make full use of the oversized platform. Built with XL Oval Tubing that even a Big Foot would trust! [Read more…]

MYSTERY RANCH Launches full line of QUICK DRAW Pack Accessories

Mystery Ranch LogoBozeman, MT. – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company, devoted to making mission-specific packs through state-of-the-art load-carrying technologies is set to introduce an entire lineup of pack accessories in 2017.

MYSTERY RANCH’s “QUICK DRAW” products allow the user to add on and customize their pack in a wide variety of ways. Rifle slings, bear spray holsters, waterproof haulers and several other opportune accessories will now be available. [Read more…]

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner – Review

Hooyman Ratchet PrunerI have been using the Hooyman 5ft Extendable Tree Saw for years! It is very useful in cutting limb to and from your treestand, as well as from your treestand!

So, when Hooyman said they were coming out with their Hooyman Ratchet Pruner with a detachable folding saw, I knew I would purchasing one of these! [Read more…]

U.S. Rep. Hudson Introduces NSSF-Backed National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

NSSF National Shooting Sports FoundationNEWTOWN, Conn.-U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced the NSSF-supported Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 (H.R. 38) on the first day of the 115th Congress. The proposed legislation, with 63 co-sponsors, would compel states to recognize concealed carry permits issued from other states that have concealed carry laws within their own borders – much in the same way a driver’s license is recognized. The bill aims to eliminate the confusion of varying state-by-state laws and provide protection for Second Amendment rights for permit holders. [Read more…]

A Daypack for Hunters Stalking from Sunup to Sundown

MYSTERY RANCH CrestBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH is pleased to introduce an innovative hunting pack to their upcoming 2017 lineup of daypacks. The CREST sports all the features needed in a pack for an efficient day hunt.

Inspired by MYSTERY RANCH’s military packs, the CREST is a hunting daypack designed to carry all your essentials. With top loading, zippered access to the main compartment, it’s easy to stash and retrieve your primary gear. [Read more…]

Put More Food on the Table with G5 Dead Meat Broadhead

G5 Dead Meat BroadheadSuper-tough construction, three-blade lethality.

Memphis, Michigan — As the leading manufacturer of archery equipment and design, G5® introduces the Dead Meat™ broadhead, a three-bladed design with the fineness to fly like a field point at long distances and the durability to put big game animals down—hard and fast. [Read more…]


MYSTERY RANCH Introduces the SCAPEGOAT 25Bozeman, MT. – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company devoted to making mission-specific packs through state-of-the-art load-carrying technologies has added a new product that will be available in the Hunting and Mountain categories.

Little brother to the original SCAPEGOAT (35 liter), the new SCAPEGOAT 25 is a lighter and faster version, which retains the minimalistic, narrow profile enabling hunters to be stealthy through the tightest topography. The SCAPEGOAT 25 is an agile hunting daypack for carrying your core gear. [Read more…]

Redneck Soft Side Deluxe 6X6 360 Hunting Blind

Redneck Soft Side Deluxe 6X6 360 Hunting BlindThe Redneck Soft Side Deluxe 6X6 360 Hunting Blind Allows you to go Unnoticed When it Counts

Lamar, MO – Designed along similar lines as the wildly popular 360 Series Fiberglass Blinds, Redneck is pleased to introduce the new 6X6 Soft Side Deluxe 360 Series, available with camo or ghillie covers. [Read more…]

Prime Archery Centergy Air Compound Bow

Prime Archery Centergy Air Compound BowCenter Balanced Targeting System creates unparalleled balance for unmatched accuracy.

Memphis, Michigan —Prime Archery®, by G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment, reveals the revolutionary Centergy Air™ compound bow, which focuses on industry-leading design to create a bow that offers a level of balance and stability never before available to archers, with a lighter riser and feel than the Prime Centergy. [Read more…]


Mystery Ranch DivideBozeman, MT. – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company, devoted to making mission-specific packs through state-of-the-art load-carrying technologies has added the DIVIDE to their all-new lineup of hunting day packs.

The new DIVIDE is the ultimate day hunting pack for backcountry hunters on the move. It offers a range of carry options and functional expandability to bring home the meat after a successful hunt. Intuitive gear organization and all-day carrying comfort are key to western day hunting. The DIVIDE brings it all together with its ingenious “tri-fold” design and proven 3-ZIP primary packsack. [Read more…]