Petition to Oppose the Airline Ban on Transport of Legally Harvested Animals

Petition to Oppose the Airline Ban on Transport of Legally Harvested AnimalsGreetings,
This week, Houston Safari Club launched an online petition to Oppose the Airline Ban on The Transport of Legally Harvested Animals.

The goal is to obtain 100,000 signatures to counter the petition signatures presented to the airlines which helped to initiate the ban.

We would like to invite all organizations to sign on to the petition and even more importantly to reach out to their memberships and contacts asking them to do the same, via e-blasts, social media, forums and websites.

Dallas Safari Club has already graciously shared this petition via their social media channel.

We will submit the petition to American Airlines, Delta and United and acknowledge all supporting organizations.

As you will see, this petition is not branded to any one organization.

This is an opportunity to stand up and let our collective strong voices send a message that we will not stand idly by on this issue!

The link to the petition:

Please email Joe Betar directly if you wish your organization to be recognized when we submit the petition and again please pass along.

The number of signatures on the petition will be a driving force in being acknowledged on this critical issue.

Thank you,
Joe Betar

Joe Betar
Executive Director
Houston Safari Club

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