Record Breaking Year for Hunting & Fishing Industry

3-Whitetail-DeerThis is the type of media coverage the outdoor industry needs more of nationally!

Story by Alicia Suka of WVNS-TV in West Virginia

BECKLEY – Nationwide, the hunting and fishing industry have contributed $336 million to wildlife and education.

West Virginia chipped in roughly $4 million to that total.

The money is collected through taxes on ammunition, firearms and other hunting equipment – – – also through licenses.

The Division of Natural Resources is expected a big deer season for the mountain state.

Biologists say the herd is healthy now but without regulating the population, we could run into problems.

“Increased deer populations lead to increased deer-vehicle collisions, increased property damage in the form of shrubs and things like that and also leads to less healthy deer populations and lower health overall for the deer,” said Colin Carpenter, DNR Biologist.

The DNR says hunters come from out-of-state to hunt bucks in southern West Virginia because of their size.

Bow season starts on October 17th.

Gun season starts November 23rd.

Watch the Story Video Here!

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