Sage Mountain Benefit for Cal Stucky

Cal on Mac

As some of you may know or have read, that Cal was involved in a serious auto accident last month.  Cal is a stand-up guy who owns and runs Sage Mountain Outfitters. He is also a tried-n-true cowboy, rancher, husband and father. Note that he is one of the last few ranchers that still use a Beavertail to stow hay!

Some collegues of Cal are putting on the an event to assist with Cal’s ever growing medical bills. All of the information is below.

If you would like to stay updated on Cal’s status, please visit his CaringBridge site.


Ropings & Barrel Race

All proceeds and stock charge to go to


October 10th & 11th

Deer Lodge Fairgrounds  Deer Lodge, MT

Saturday  9 a.m. Time Only 10 a.m.

 Open 4-D Barrel Race = $25 Entry Fees

 Kids 4-D Barrel Race = $10 Entry Fees

 Girls Breakaway Roping = 2-HD $40 Entry Fees

 Tie Down Roping 3-HD

Handicapped $100 Entry Fee

Sunday  a.m. Rope at 10 a.m. 

HD Handicapped Over & Under

#9 Team Even

Pick 1 Draw 1 Enter 3-x’s

$20 per man

#7 3 for $15 = Enter 5x’s

 #5 3 for $15 = Enter 5x’s

All Ropings Progressive After 1

Wrangler #’s to be used Prizes for every event

Saturday Night Banquet & Auction After Roping


Ty Murray at 491-6192 or 723-4210

or Tim Garrison at 491-4548 or 782-5164

FOR BANQUET & AUCTION INFO call Dick Perkins at 560-0082

If you would like to print-out a much nicer flyer, you can get it here. The Stucky’s look forward to an amazing weekend in Deer Lodge this October to gather together and honor Cal and his family.

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  1. Lisa Pavlis says:

    I wish you the very best. I am a single mother of three boys who are addicted to your show, we raise texas longhorns and are trying to get into the ABBI sceen but the boys keep telling me I need to buy a bigger ranch so they can be like your family.. We are paryig for you and your family, hope all is well I cant seem to find a site to give me an update at this point but from what I can see you and the family are doing good.. Wishing the best for everyone!!!

  2. Dear Cal & Renee, I think of you both so often. What an amazing team! I was the lucky one to get to know your family at Providence and watch your inspiring progress. Glad to hear you are home where your heart is and I would love to see you someday again. Come to Bozeman and we’ll cheer on the Bobcats together. You are all welcome at my house anytime! Hugs to both of you and your beautiful daughters. If you ever need help on the ranch, give a call. Warmly, your friend Lisa Physical Therapy Assistant(student) from Providence Center November ’09

    • Lisa,
      Thank you for posting these kinds words for the Stucky family! It GREAT to see there are people willing to lend a hand, open the hearts and homes to others.


  3. Patricia Simpson says:

    Our thoughts and Prayers are with you Cal and your family.

  4. Christy Parker says:

    To the entire Stucky family;
    My heart broke when I saw that horrible accident. I have prayed many, many times for all of you & I will continue to do so. I loved being in Montana, it is so beautiful! It is second only to Alaska ( I live in Alaska!) (hee!hee!) Well, of course I had to watch the show when I learned of it. I was in Montana mid October last year & I drove that same stretch of road. I have to tell you I understand the feelings parents have when their child is in such a way. I went through it myself with my firstborn. I had to kiss her goodbye until Heaven though. I sure prayed hard for Earl & Glenna to not go through what I did. I cried with them, for them many times. It’s funny how connected we all are on God’s beautiful earth. I know you all don’t know me, but between my trip there & that TV show, it sure feels like I know you all a bit! Enough to care deeply, half a world away! The prayers, good thoughts & best wishes will continue as long as I have breath…
    It is a blessing that Cal is still here & I am so glad for all of you that know him & love him & Cal, I’m so glad for you too!
    Cal, I want you to know this: when I lost my daughter I got hurt real bad too. The doctors said I would not make it, that I was going to die. I outlived every date they set. I have significant brain trauma & a whole bunch of damage to my body. It took me a very long time to get my motor skills to where they are now. But I did do it! I know you will too because it is all about choice. I chose to live. I see that you did too. I just kept moving forward. It never seemed real what the doctors were saying & to be totally honest, I was far more focused on the pain of losing my daughter & the care of my only surviving child; my son. I didn’t think that I shouldn’t be here or any of that, I just kept moving forward; one day at a time was a little too much so I decided one moment at a time was a better pace to set for me. It’s been 12 1/2 years now. It’s a little strange to look back & see how far I have come. God is so awesome! HE has brought me to this place safely & lovingly. I know HE will do the same for you. Doctor’s still say I’m going to die any day, but God is perfect & knows what HE is doing, doctors on the other hand, are just “practicing medicine” (ha!ha!)
    There is a special verse that has come to be my motto; I even had magnets made with it on them. It is Psalms 16:8 : “I am always aware of The Lord’s presence. HE is near & nothing can shake me!” I hope it can be a source of comfort for you too. I have left my email in case you all need anything. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Your sister in Christ, Christy
    Rudy; if you don’t mind, would you please copy this off to the family? Thank you dearly!
    Be blessed always!!!

    • Christy,
      Thank you for leaving those beautiful and heartfelt words! I will most definately pass this information along to the Stucky family!


  5. Sharon Thompson says:

    Cal and Family:
    We have so enjoyed the presentations of the American Cowboy, and were so moved by each of the episodes, but most especially, those surrounding your accident. My husband cowboyed in Milton Freewater, Oregon when he was a younger man, so we truly appreciate what you are going through. We can’t seem to get that way of life out of our systems – still have horses, put up hay, do the chores daily, etc.

    We hope to see more of your family and the other ranchers who have invited all of us into all of your living rooms and ways of life.

    God speed, Cal. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wonderful family.

    The Everett A. Thompsons
    Blaine, Washington

    • Sharon,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers with us. I will be sure to pass these and all wishes the family receives along to the Stucky’s!


  6. Giselle Carlow says:

    I love Last American Cowboy although I am a city girl. Tonight was THAT episode. I sat in horror and cried for hours and then thought I have to know now that Cal is better. Imagine my joy to find this site and see that while it is still a long road to complete recovery that Cal is working every day to make that recovery a dream come true. You can do it Cal, you have a great family around you and the beautiful state of Montana and it’s wonderful people to support you. Get better Cal, make a Canadian girl happy! Hugs, Giselle

    • Giselle,
      Thank you for stopping by the site and posting your wonderful thought to the Stuckey’s. I will be sure to pass this along to them.


  7. Catherine Kelley says:

    My hopes and prayers are being sent to Mr. Cal Stucky and the rest of the Stucky/Goettle family. I watched your struggles (and happiness – baby Michael) on “Last American Cowboy”. My heart and soul were deeply touched. I believe you WILL be back up on a horse Cal – because you are made of a special breed of human/mankind that knows they have a place here on earth and an important mission to fulfill.

    God Bless and Peace,
    I have walked a 30 year road battling a disease and spending many months in hospitals. I also grew up on a diary farm in Minn. Thanks for sharing your lives with TV viewers.

    Cat Kelley
    Issaquah, WA (Seattle)

  8. Cal has made great strides in his progress and is getting better everyday. He and his family still have a long road ahead, but they are in good spirits. Cal is as strong-willed as Earl, so he will continue to get stronger in mind, body and soul!

    There is a website that you can visit so that you can check on Cal’s progress and also send messages to the family, if you would like. Renee told us that every day and every hour Cal is making great steps towards recovery and that she appreciates all the thoughts and prayers that you have all sent their way.

    There is a fund named the Cal Stucky Assistance Fund has been set up at US Bank in Helena to help defray Stucky’s medical costs.

    The bank is at 302 N. Last Chance Gulch Helena, Montana 406-447-5215

    Thank you for stopping by on the site and asking about Cal.

  9. Last weekend many of you were involved with the Sage Mountain Benefit for Cal and Renee and saw firsthand that this event was a success beyond measure! The turnout Saturday for the barrel racing, calf roping, dinner and auction was great and on Sunday 600 team roping teams competed until nearly midnight – WOW! Your support, attendance and generous donations contributed to the success of this great weekend and has meant a lot to Cal’s entire family! Thank you!