So You Think Your a Ridge Reaper?

Ridge ReaperThis past Monday, the Outdoor Channel debuted its newest backcounty hunting show titled Ridge Reaper.

Ridge Reaper is a new documentary style TV series, with no re-creates – to “capture” the moment. Just epic filming depicting western big game hunters hunting in the harshest conditions and environments, showing their perseverance. All hunts are Great American western public lands, where there are no high fences! The show immerses you in each weekly adventure of real hunters getting it done the hard way. You can almost feel the frustration, pain, heartache, excitement and pride that the team goes each week.

What separates Ridge Reaper from the pack, is that it will bring the backcountry adventure to you the viewer!

The Ridge Reaper team is made up Jason Carter, Kip Fulks, Bryan Offut, and Koby Fulks. Who are these hardcore hunters? Here is a little scoop on each of them:


Ridge Reaper Jason CarterJason Carter: Jason is one of the most knowledgeable big game hunters around! He has been hunting western big game since he could stand. He has guided and harvested some amazing world class animals. He has been a big game consultant for the 17 years, so he truly knows what he is talking about and how to get it done!



Ridge Reaper Kip FulksKip Fulks: Kip is the COO of Under Armour and oversees the design and build of every product that comes from Under Armour. While he is great at that, his passion is chasing big game!



Ridge Reaper Bryan Offut

Bryan Offut: Bryan is the Director of Marking for Under Armour. He is the man behind the growth of hunting, fishing, tactical and action sports divisions. Bryan is very proud of his work with the UA Freedom and Wounded Warrior Project. Bryan is a hardcore hunter that just plain gets it done!



Ridge Reaper Koby FulksKoby Fulks: Koby is the Outdoor Marketing Manager at Under Armour. Koby grew up in Colorado, later went into the US Marine Corps. These journeys in life provided Koby the western big game hunting know how and the persistence to getting it done!



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