Sunscreen or BEAR it?

Will Ferrell Sunburnt

Over the years, I have tried to build the store around products that are not only the best in the industry, but are also “HUNTER PROUD”! I have also tried this process with other purchases related to our household, office, clothing and the like. Needless to say this has proved to be somewhat difficult and challenging.

My good friend Al Quackenbush over at The SoCal Bowhunter posted an article not long ago sharing his experience on a very good product, that turned out to be “not” in favor of hunting and conservation of wildlife. also has a great forum to share resources on at

There is also a great resource on keeping you posted on the current affairs that effect the sport we love, Hunters Against Peta.

We all have read the debate of to anoint yourself or not to anoint yourself with sunscreen as it attracts bears. I am in the camp that believes that it will only attract bears , if you smell like a tropical drink or dessert from the ice cream bar!

As that bright burning ball of fire in the sky draws nearer to us during this time of year, what hunter friendly sunscreen do you use on your backcountry adventures? And why or why not?

Share your experiences below!

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  1. This is the response I received from Beyond Coastal of their stance of supporting hunting:
    Our target markets are outdoor sports/recreation, natural health and grocery stores, surf and resorts.  I don’t think we do any “deciphering” between hunters and hikers/campers.  
    Beyond Coastal is all about skin health/protection and skin care for the outdoor lifestyle.  We are not affiliated with any hunting or anti hunting organizations with our Beyond Coastal Suncare Line.