No black bear hunt in San Luis Obispo County

Black Bear

There will be no black bear hunt in San Luis Obispo County, CA this year.

The California Fish and Game Commission on Tuesday voted unanimously to postpone until next year any change to the state’s bear hunting regulations.

The department had recommended allowing bear hunting in the county for the first time. It also recommended eliminating a limit to the number of bears that can be taken statewide in a season.

More than 40 organizations went on record opposing the San Luis Obispo County hunt.

“Thanks to the commission’s reluctance to adopt this controversial proposal, black bears will continue to have the freedom to roam in San Luis Obispo County,” said Jeff Kuyper, Forest Watch executive director.

The department based its initial recommendation to allow a hunt on the number of nuisance complaints the agency received, the number of bears hit by cars and the use of baited scent stations. Bear numbers in San Luis Obispo County appear to be very similar to the numbers in Santa Barbara County, where the state already allows hunting, biologists said.

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