Who Likes Superior Warmth While Hunting?

Sitka Gear Fanatic with Primaloft 1

Have you ever been in a treestand and your body gets so cold that the tree starts you, the treestand and the entire treestand shaking?! I haven’t had this issue for several years now thanks to PrimaLoft and Sitka Gear.

I am fortunate enough to hunt all year long, even during the cold winter months of November through March. Needless to say, I put some serious hours on stand. This takes a different kind of toughness to endure this kind of cold 15+ feet in the air. What makes this hostile environment worse is trying to draw your bow back after sitting on stand and completely still for several hours. You muscles nearly lock up! If you add wind and or rain, this just increases most hunter’s chances of heading home to watch reruns of their favorite hunting shows on TV.

Some of you are thinking to yourselves, “Yep, that’s me!” So, how do I combat from shivering and nearly falling off stand? Sound the trumpets…the combination of Sitka Gear and PrimaLoft are the vital pieces for me! I have already used the Sitka Gear Fanatic pieces about a dozen sets on stand as I type this and the rut revving up. I have had myriad of weather conditions thus far with mornings in the mid-twenties, to windy, to light rain and heavy wet snow. [Read more…]

Sitka Adds New Insulation Pieces With the Kelvin Series


As I receive information on the 2009 line of Sitka Gear, I will be sure to post the information right here!  I am really interested in their cold weather gear and some of their new accessories!  It looks to be a BIG year for Sitka, as they will have 15+ new clothing items, 2 additional packs, all of these items and the rest of their line that you know, will be available in the in the new Gore OPTIFADE camouflage pattern. They are scheduled to release their consumer catalog next month.


Sitka is rounding out its line this year with the addition of new insulation pieces.  The Kelvin Jacket, Vest and Pants incorporate lightweight and packable PrimaLoft One insulation for an extreme heat-to-weight ratio.


The Kelvin pieces are designed to be layered under one of Sitka’s soft or hard shell pieces. PrimaLoft insulation is a superior synthetic loft material that holds in maximum heat with minimal weight.  This is what you want for hunting in the coldest temperature or stand hunting.

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