Looking For Some Serious Gear?

Linton Outdoors carries serious gear for serious sportsmen!

They have gift certificates available for that hunter/huntress if you’re not sure exactly what they want for the holiday.

Plus they offer FREE Shipping on all orders over $100!

Check them out here!

Correction To X2 Frame Wrap

This is from Linton Outdoors

An update from Eberlestock on the new 2010 X2, the tension straps on the frame were routed incorrectly at the factory. Basically the straps are double wrapped around the aluminum frame, should be single…causing some squeaks. The fix is simple, here is a link with pictures. We hope you are all having a great hunting season! Let us know if you have any gear questions this season…Thanks

Linton Outdoors – Exceptional Products with Personalized Service

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I love finding, supporting and working with small businesses in all aspects of life! This brings me to Linton Outdoors.  Chad was referred to me by Collin of Cottrell Design. Colin and I have met via the social networks and have used him for some graphic work.

Chad is filling his store with quality gear made for the backcountry and that he has tested. Anyone who has spent some time in the backcountry knows that quality gear is a necessity!  To simplify this, if you have mediocre boots and pack while trekking, your memories will not be that fond.  In fact the only memories you will have is how your back and shoulders hurt and how you tried to stop the blisters from hurting and continue to spread like poison ivy! [Read more…]