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Mystery Ranch LogoHunt Talk Radio Randy Newberg Unfiltered

Randy Newberg with Hunt Talk Radio Shares the Mic with Dana Gleason, Founder of MYSTERY RANCH Backpacks! [Read more…]

Mystery Ranch Redesigns the Metcalf Backpack Specifically for Hunters

Mystery Ranch MetcalfBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, introduces the king of hunting packs—the Metcalf.

As a versatile hunting backpack for multi-day quests into the wilds, the Metcalf features both a large main packsack and a detachable, smaller day lid for quick stalks. [Read more…]

MARSHALL – Mystery Ranch Designs and Builds the Ultimate Backcountry Hunter’s Pack

Mystery Ranch MarshallBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH®, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, unveils the do-all pack for those hunters who take the trail less traveled for days on end—the Marshall.

Like its namesake—the Bob Marshall Wilderness—this expedition pack is expansive, accessible and full of surprises, though it carries like a daypack of the smallest proportions, even when loaded to the seams.  [Read more…]

SCAPEGOAT: The Ultimate Daypack from Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch ScapegoatBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH®, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, introduces the Scapegoat to their all-new 2016 hunting line. The Scapegoat is an agile daypack made specifically for the core gear that is needed during shorter single and half day hunts.

This adaptable, hunting daypack allows you to remain nimble & stealthy through the tightest topography. Nothing makes you feel more one with the woods than trekking effortlessly and silently across demanding terrain. The Scapegoat is specifically designed for this purpose.

With a minimalistic and highly compressible bag, the narrow body-panel framing allows for movement and flexibility, while maintaining a stiff, active frame for those heavier loads. The highly-engineered Traverse system creates a dual-point energy transfer through the waist belt, enhancing your comfort as you move through the Wilderness.

The Scapegoat is the ultimate solution for brief hunts that don’t require an extensive amount of gear. In the same breath, this pack still can handle larger loads and long treks without sacrificing comfort and proper load carriage. [Read more…]

New Guide Light Frame Provides the Backbone for New MYSTERY RANCH Wilderness Series Packs

MYSTERY RANCH Guide Light FrameBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, introduces the new Guide Light Frame™ the ultra-light and ultra-strong foundation for the new Wilderness Series of packs designed specifically for hunters.

In designing the 2016 Wilderness Series, MYSTERY RANCH melded decades of pack-building craftsmanship and Load Carriage™ know-how into these purpose-built tools. When shouldering the brutal weight necessary for extraction on a backcountry hunt, sportsmen need more intelligently engineered load-lifting frame and harness technology to provide the edge over gravity. Because —over the long haul—gravity gone unchecked will break you down and lead to premature fatigue. [Read more…]

Mystery Ranch Launches Largest Giveaway to Date

Mystery Ranch LogoBozeman, MT – Mystery Ranch, a pack company with a product line focused on functionality, comfort, quality and durability has recently completed their “Built for the Mission” design story video, which captures the essence of this legendary pack company. In celebration of this release, Mystery Ranch has announced their largest product giveaway yet. [Read more…]

Zing…What was that?

Into High CountryZing…What was that? That was the first season of the best backcountry show on television!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have either heard of or watched one of the best hunting shows on television produced by Zing Outdoor Adventures. I recently was able to catch-up with my good friend Jason Matzinger, who is the CEO of Zing Outdoor Adventures and host of Into High Country. We discussed the ride he has had to building one of the best hunting shows on television. [Read more…]

Mystery Ranch Crew Cab Review

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo

I have been using the Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for a little over 3 years now. During this time I have been using it as a day pack and “not” as a meat hauler, with no thanks to “Lady Luck” in getting me any tags!

I have used the Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for my western Muley and Elk hunts, normal daily whitetail hunts, family outings and some scouting/tree stand hanging trips. To date I have yet to peak over the 40lb mark, but up to this weight the pack rides like and feels great during the hike and even the next day. Imagine that…no sore back! [Read more…]

Mystery Ranch In a Parking Lot

It’s been a few years since Mystery Ranch has done this… so… this SATURDAY MAY 7th, from 9-5… they’re having another MYSTERY RANCH PARKING LOT SALE! These sales are truly legendary… with 30-70% off on select items it’s something you shouldn’t miss! Will you be in attendance?! Spread the word, once they go… they’re gone!

Their new location is 1750 Evergreen Drive (South off of Griffin, between N. 7th and Rouse), Bozeman, MT 59715

Feel free to give me a ring or email me if you happen to see a SweetPea at this event, need one for work in D.C.!!!

GORE Optifade Available on New Gear for 2011


Newark, DE  January 6, 2011  W.L. Gore & Associates, a leading manufacturer of advanced technology products including GORE-TEX branded products, today announced that three new partners will offer hunting gear featuring GORE OPTIFADE Concealment patterns in 2011. Backpacks from Mystery Ranch, bow sights and stabilizers from Archer Xtreme and arrow rests from Trophy Taker will all feature Gore’s scientifically-formulated concealment patterns based on animal vision.

Visual concealment based on animal vision is the most advanced concealment option for the serious athlete hunter, and we are proud to expand our partner base to offer GORE OPTIFADE patterns on an even greater variety of gear, commented David Dillon, Hunting Category Leader at W.L. Gore & Associates. We selectively partner with companies that share our commitment to improving outcomes in the field and will continue to find superior products to feature the OPTIFADE pattern  providing a total gear solution for those focused on performance. [Read more…]