Winner of the Alaskan Moose Promotion



Congratulations to Christopher Gatch of Keller, Texas.  Christopher is a life member of the Dallas Safari Club and is one excited hunter who now has a really hard decision.  

What caliber should he get in his new Kimber 8400 rifle?

Is he going to hunt for Moose or Grizzly?



Christopher bought a ticket from the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska for $50.00 and somebody had to win.  He was very excited tonight to get a call from Scott Hed.  Congratulations Christopher!!!!!



Christopher won a 10 day hunt in Alaska for Moose or Grizzly, a Kimber Rifle, a Leupold VX-II Scope and a full set of Sitka Gear!



We have really enjoyed working on this promotion and are we hope to see some great pictures from Christopher upon his return.

1 Month Remaining on Alaskan Hunt Package!



THE BIG NEWS:  The Whitney family at Alaska Wilderness Trips, Inc. has offered the winner a choice so, – you can either hunt moose or grizzly bear! So, if you know anybody that hasn’t entered because they already have their moose…here’s a chance for them to get their Interior grizzly bear.

Next the not so big news:  As of Monday May 11, there were 157 entries in the drawing.  Since we are capping the total entries at 500, we have 343 chances remaining.

It  seems likely that we won’t max out our 500 chances but they need to get as many donations as possibly before the drawing date of June 15, 2009.  The drawing will be administered at the Outdoor Writers Association of America’s annual conference in Grand Rapids, MI.  They will post the winner’s name after they have contacted him or her.

Here the details of this awesome package.

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Chefs Back TU Campaign to Protect Bristol Bay Salmon



Prominent West Coast chefs are supporting Trout Unlimited Alaska’s “Vote with Your Fork” campaign. The goal is to raise awareness among food lovers about the value of Bristol Bay wild salmon and the threats they face from the large-scale hard rock mining in the Bristol Bay watershed.


High-profile chef Alice Waters of Berkley, Calif.’s Chez Panisse restaurant has become an outspoken advocate for preserving Bristol Bay salmon from the risks of mining.


 “It’s our moral obligation to protect these fish and that means supporting this sustainable fishery by choosing Bristol Bay salmon,” said Johnson. “If we allow this Pebble mine to go in, the same thing that happened to us down here in California is going to happen in Alaska. The salmon won’t survive.”


A group of Seattle chefs has also recently weighed in. The board of Seattle Chefs Collaborative, a non-profit that works with chefs and others to foster a sustainable food supply, recently voted unanimously to support the efforts of Trout Unlimited to protect Bristol Bay’s salmon.


There are some great organizations that are fighting for the preservation of Bristol Bay. One would be the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska, directed by Scott Hed.




I would like to see if Barton Seaver weighs in on this! Barton is a vibrant young chef that preaches the sustainability mantra with conviction!


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