Bow Creek BC-42 Black-Out IR Trail Camera – Review

Bow Creek Outdoors Buck Fuel Soy Sauce and BC-42 Trail CameraLike many of you, I truly depend on my trail cameras to assist me in taking inventory of my hunting properties, placement of stands and timing of hunts. An added bonus is catching wildlife in some candid images! [Read more…]

Moultrie M-40 Game Cam Reaches Far And Fast

Moultrie M-40Birmingham, AL – Moultrie®, the best-selling brand of trail cameras, game feeders and wildlife management products, introduces the M-40 game camera, which sports exceptionally impressive statistics in two of the top-ranking feature categories that matter most in game cameras: trigger speed and flash range. ‬‬

The biggest and most mature bucks on your property are often the most skittish and difficult to scout, but even the fastest-cruising deer is no match for the eye of the Moultrie M-40, which features a lightning-fast 0.3-second trigger speed. And to further enhance the cameras impressive capabilities, a 100-foot flash range gives hunters an extra set of eyes that can spot game with impressive speed and reliability, 24 hours a day. [Read more…]

Moultrie Introduces M-1100i Game Camera

Moultrie M-1100iAlabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC announces the arrival of the M-1100i No-Glow game camera for those hunters looking to take their scouting abilities to new levels. The M-1100i is packed with innovative features that make it the most advanced mini-cam to hit the woods.

Moultrie has pulled out all the stops and incorporated “invisible” NO-GLOW illumination, a 2-inch color preview screen, and an ultra-high-end image processor that will deliver full 1080p HD video with sound and superior photos for seasons to come. The combination of the M-1100i’s half-second trigger speed, 80-foot night range and 12 megapixel resolution allows the user to capture incredible photos and videos of any wild game. The M-1100i sports a battery life of 10,000 images on 8 AA batteries and Moultrie’s “Managed Memory” feature, which is capable of dismissing old images in order to record new when the SD card is full. [Read more…]

Moultrie Expands on Popular M-880 Game Camera

Moultrie M-880The Choice is Yours with Three M-880 Models to Fit All Needs

Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC announces the expansion of Moultrie’s popular M-880 camera to three different models covering all your scouting needs: the Low-Glow M-880 with extended night range, the No-Glow M-880i with invisible flash and the White-LED M-880c delivering color photos and video both day and night. Each camera features Moultrie’s new Managed Memory™, which overwrites the oldest image and video files so you never have to worry about running out of space on your SD card. [Read more…]

Tiny Camera is BIG on Features

Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC once again challenges the limits of game scouting with their No Glow infrared game camera, the M-990i. Small enough to fit in a hunter’s backpack or cargo pants pocket, this camera packs a big punch. Easy to program, with simple raised buttons and a large 2″ color viewing screen for live view aiming, the M-990i is as fun to use as it is invisible to game.

Since entering the game camera market over 10 years ago, Moultrie has strived to capture the most scouting information for hunters and game managers. The 10.0 megapixel M-990i boasts unprecedented picture quality. With an average trigger speed of less than one second, nothing is going to escape the sensitive trigger of the M-990i. [Read more…]

Moultrie panoramic 150 wins 2013 best of the best award

Alabaster, Alabama -The Moultrie Panoramic 150 was recently chosen to receive the Field & Stream 2013 Best of the Best Award in the trail camera category. Each year manufacturers are asked to submit new products in various categories with the hopes of winning this prestigious award. “The entire Moultrie team is elated to see the Panoramic 150 selected for this outstanding award,” says Moultrie General Manager, Andy Cox. “The design team worked diligently for two years to create this camera and their hard work has definitely paid off. The Silent Slide Lens with multiple PIR sensors has taken trail cameras to a completely new level.” [Read more…]

Moultrie trail camera is the #1 choice of Game & Fish Readers

Alabaster, Alabama -Game & Fish readers have spoken and selected Moultrie’s M-80 as the number one camera. Manufacturers were asked to submit new-gear products in 18 categories including trail cameras. The gear must have been introduced in the last three years to be considered for the awards. The magazine then queried subscribers and e-newsletter recipients to determine their favorite gear and equipment. “We are extremely happy to see the M-80 win this coveted award,” says Moultrie General Manager, Andy Cox. “That model is packed with features at a very reasonable price. It has provided the platform from which our core models of cameras are based from.” [Read more…]

Moultrie Adds “Black Flash”

Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC announces the addition of “invisible” to its list of game camera features, introducing the Game Spy M-80 Black. Listening to its customers, Moultrie packed this pint-sized trail camera full of the latest technology available, including the highly sought after Black Flash.

With Black Flash Technology, the M-80 Black emits no visible LED light; providing ultimate concealment in the woods. This covert mini-cam easily doubles as a security camera for your cabin, home or hunting property. The M-80 Black provides clear, crisp images both day and night. Even with concealed LEDs, the 5.0 megapixel camera doesn’t compromise nighttime range lighting up the field out to 50-feet. Plus, the M-80 Black features Moultrie’s new Motion Freeze blur-reduction technology, greatly reducing the nighttime blur caused by an infrared flash. [Read more…]

Who Is Watching Your Food Plot

PlotWatcher Pro Front

The original PlotWatcher revolutionized scouting camera technology and functionality. The PlotWatcher Pro ups the anty a bit!

The PlotWatcher Pro from Day 6 Outdoors, is a time lapse video camera that takes a photo every 5-10 seconds and saves them as an HD video. You will see the animals in the field of view whether it is 30′ or 300′ away from the camera. This camera is “battery friendly” which is easier on your wallet. Out of the box you can get up to 4 months of use on 8 AA batteries, which is close to 1 million images! You can nearly double this by purchasing the external power adapter. [Read more…]

New Look And New Opportunities In 2010 Hunting Regs

Long time Montana hunters will notice a slightly new format in the state’s 2010 big game hunting regulation booklet and find several new opportunities for deer, elk and antelope for the upcoming season.

The opening pages of the 2010 big game regulations outline the hunter’s legal responsibilities afield, followed by hunting district maps, regulations and legal descriptions of each hunting district. The final pages of the regulations contain information on licenses and general items of interest to hunters.

“We made the changes in response to requests for a simpler and easier way to access the array of information in Montana’s hunting regulations,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim. “We hope that most find the regulations easier to read and the information more accessible.” [Read more…]