New Motion Stake from Montana Decoy

Motion Stake from Montana Decoy motion-stake-from-montana-decoy-2A new twist on giving your turkey decoys key movement, the Montana Motion Stake from Montana Decoy is lightweight, simple and easy to use. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Turkey Decoy Setup Guide From Montana Decoy

Ultimate Turkey Decoy Setup Guide From Montana DecoyEach year, turkey hunters get a little smarter, a little more prudent about calling and decoys. Montana Decoy is excited to offer the ultimate Turkey Decoy Setup Guide.

The guide features five proven turkey decoy setups that correlate with specific times of the season. It details what kind of turkey decoys to use, how to set them up, and calling tips to use along with the decoys. [Read more…]

Virginia Wheelin’ Sportsmen Have 6 Exciting Spring Gobbler hunts

Virginia State Chapter - National Wild Turkey FederationVirginia Wheelin’ Sportsmen has some exciting Spring Gobbler hunts, and awesome fishing events scheduled for this spring, that you won’t want to miss!

The 2014 Spring Gobbler Hunt and Spring Fishing Applications are out and the VA NWTF Wheelin’ Sportsmen are ready to get you outdoors this spring.

There are six spring gobbler hunts planned and three great opportunities to catch some big rainbow and brown trout. [Read more…]

Care And Preparation Of Wild Turkey

When a variety of wild turkey hunters at Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks were asked about preparing and handling wild turkey meat, there was unanimous agreement on a few important points.

Wild turkey is sensitive to over-cooking, as is most game meat, said Dwayne Andrews, of FWP’s Miles City office. Expect excellent white meat on the breasts, with dark meat on the legs that can be tough and must be cooked differently from the breast fillets. [Read more…]

Montana’s Spring Turkey Hunting Season

Montana’s spring turkey gobbler season opens April 10 th and ends May 16, 2010.

Licenses are available from all Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) offices, on the FWP website at and from FWP license providers across the state.

The 2010 Spring Turkey regulations with details on turkey hunting in the general and special permit hunting areas are available online and at FWP regional offices and FWP license providers beginning in mid March. Internet users should find the FWP homepage, locate the Hunting tab and the drop down menu to Regulations, click and scroll down to spring turkey regulations. Hunters should remember when transporting a spring turkey within the state of Montana, one leg and foot must be left naturally attached for evidence of sex.

Hunters in FWP, Region 7 can purchase up to two turkey licenses per year, which are valid during the spring and/or fall seasons. In the spring, hunters can only harvest gobblers (males). Any turkey license not used during the spring season can be used in the fall beginning September 1 st and are valid for gobblers or hens.

Reports from some landowners seem to indicate that resident turkey populations may be lower than previous years. Wildlife biologist, Don Sasse from the Ashland Ranger District suggests that several locations within the Custer National Forest that previously held healthy resident turkey populations may not support many turkeys this spring. Several ranchers living in or adjacent to the national forest who normally feed and overwinter populations of resident wild turkeys have not seen many turkeys this winter. These birds typically scatter throughout the national forest once spring conditions occur.