Trophy Coues Deer Hunt – WTA HUNTS

 TROPHY COUES DEER HUNT (Chihuahua, Mexico – 2016)

Trophy Coues Deer Hunt – WTA

Now is your opportunity to hunt the eastern slope of the Sierra Madre’s, in Chihuahua! This is an untapped area that is loaded with giant Coues deer, and an experience like you’ve never had before! We have hunted this area several times, and it is by far one of the best areas for trophy Coues deer that we have hunted to date! [Read more…]

Western Big Game Lottery Planning

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Much like any event you would like to do, you need to plan, plan, plan if you want the experience t very enjoyable. Some of these plans may be short-term 3-5 years, while others may be for 15-20 years especially when it comes to sheep, goat or moose.

Like the old saying goes, “You can’t win, if you don’t enter!” You must enter the drawings that you can afford, every year.

I would recommend these few points to note in your plans: [Read more…]

Alaska Caribou Hunt for 2 Hunters

Worldwide Trophy Adventures Alaska Barren Ground CaribouIf you are looking for a destination hunt of a lifetime, this caribou hunt is a must! We had an amazing trip with this outfitter! Hunting North of the Arctic Circle, riding in airboats, staying in an unreal camp, hunting with a very prepared outfitter, eating awesome food, and seeing hundreds of caribou is what this hunt is all about. This outfitter has hunted this area for 11 years and knows the area very well.

Your hunt will consist of 8 days, unless previous arrangements are made. You will have a “pick up” day after 12:00 pm noon, 1/2 day hunting that day, six full days of hunting, and a 1/2 day hunting on the last day. “Drop off” day will be again after 12:00 pm noon. Your hunt starts at the Pump Station-2 Boat launch with an exciting, hour long airboat ride to camp, up the Sagavaniktok River to the Ivishak River. Once there, you’ll be given an orientation of the camp, a briefing on some general camp rules and a chance to unpack and get settled. From there you will have several options over the next 6 days of hunting. [Read more…]