Sheep Show Sets New Records!!

Wild Sheep FoundationCody, Wyoming, USA. March 4, 2014 – Going from strength to strength, the world’s largest and premier advocate for wild sheep broke more conservation fundraising records for the benefit of wild sheep worldwide during the 2014 Wild Sheep Foundation Convention & Sporting Expo “The Sheep Show™” during “Sheep Week™” January 22-25, 2014 in Reno, Nevada. [Read more…]

New Mexico Desert Bighorns Need Your Support

WILD SHEEP FOUNDATIONIf you are interested in desert bighorn sheep in New Mexico, please consider a tax-deductible contribution towards cougar management, to help continue New Mexico’s successful restoration of desert bighorns. In 2012, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) offered 15 new desert bighorn hunting licenses, due to the steady increase in bighorn sheep numbers over the past decade, largely resulting from pro-active, strategic cougar management. After being added to New Mexico’s endangered species list in 1980, desert bighorns were down-listed in 2008, then eventually de-listed in 2011.

The attached flyer provides detailed information on this restoration, as well as information on how you and your interested friends may donate to help continue this ongoing effort. By February 28, 2013, the Wild Sheep Foundation and our New Mexico Chapter are trying to raise $10,000, to assist NMDGF. For those who donate in the next 20 days, a ‘surprise’ drawing for “donors-only” will be held Thursday January 31st , during the 2013 WSF Sheep Show convention in Reno. This fundraising appeal will be highlighted on Wednesday night January 30th, as well. To donate via a secure online link, please copy/paste into your browser: Better yet, come to the WSF Convention, and bring your pledge donation with you!!

ECWSF Heads to Higher Country

Entrance to the ECWSF Expo

We attended the Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation (ECWSF) Expo this past weekend. Preliminary numbers show that once again the expo was a success in generating good numbers for the Wild Sheep Foundation.

For those of you that were not familiar with some of the auction items, I have listed the last 3 items auctioned below and funds generated: [Read more…]

GSCO and WSF Lawsuit Settlement

It is with great pleasure that Grand Slam Club/Ovis (GSCO) and Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) jointly announce that a settlement agreement has been reached, signed and executed on November 2, 2010. This agreement heads off any further appeals of the long-standing legal proceedings between the two organizations. The tentative agreement was negotiated by WSF president Gray Thornton and GSCO executive director Dennis Campbell in early October, when Gray came to Birmingham, Alabama expressly for that purpose. After two days of respectful negotiations, Gray boarded his plane for Cody, Wyoming with a realization that a viable tentative agreement had been reached. The WSF board worked in concert with Gray throughout October, while the GSCO board and Dennis worked toward a final agreement. All the details were approved by each board, and as stated, it was signed on November 2. [Read more…]