Tremendous developments in wolf delisting!

Some tremendous developments in wolf delisting have happened in the last several months. We are definitely entering a new stage in the battle to return wolf management to the people of the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and many other states across the country.

TWO bills have been introduced into Congress. H.R. 6028 in the House and S.3919 in the Senate. Both bills take wolves off the Endangered Species list nationwide and end the thoughtless years of litigation and technicalities which have been used to stop decisions by the Bush and Obama administrations to delist wolves. Many Senators, Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats across the country have come out in support of these important bills including the entire Congressional delegations of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, select Senators and Congressmen in Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesotta, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas and other states. Thousands of Sportsmen from 47 states have signed the Big Game Forever wolf delisting petition.

The anti-sportsmen and anti-grazing forces are amassing to kill the bills. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP in the coming weeks. Look for updates from Big Game Forever which will be coming by email. We will only send you emails for the most important developments and grass roots efforts.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts,

Ryan Benson,
National Director Big Game Forever

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