Try Any New Outdoor Activity

super spartan gladiator

If you could try any new outdoor activity, or go somewhere new to you – what and or where would it be?

Selecting and having a hobby assists in making us all more unique and interesting individuals. It also keeps us open minded about learning and adapting to new situations.

For me I will run in the Super Spartan this summer. Is this an upgrade for me? In a word yes, as I have not run over 3 miles since training for USMC bootcamp, tw-thr…years ago! We have a good sized group of nearly 20 individuals from all walks of life.

4 levels of spartan racing

They even have a Jr. Spartan Adventure Race for kids ages 4-13. The course is a 1⁄2 mile filled with junior obstacles for children 4-9 and 1 mile for kids 10-13.

So, what new activity are you going to try and where are you going to go?

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  1. Craig Montour says:

    I subscribe to your blog for my Kindle. Is there a way for you to change to feed so the whole article is shown rather than just a snippet?

    • windedbowhunter says:

      Thank you for becoming a subscriber!

      The feed setup this way to allow better use of mobile data plans. This also prevents some readers from freezing up from time to time due to heavy content.

      Thank you,

  2. I picked up a decent digital camera a couple years ago along with a few lenses. This tends to keep me going out, even when hunting season slows down!

    • windedbowhunter says:

      Allan, do you photograph critters, scenery, people and the like? Could you share some samples with the group?

      • Rudy,

        Considering I’ve only been shooting for a 2-3 years I keep the subject manners kind of simple – mostly scenery. Hiking the Appalachian Trail – usually results in plenty of critters spotted but not shot — sort of reminds me of hunting! Rainy days like today, I’ll hit the treadmill, but there’s nothing like getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise. Hopefully the below link will take you one of my small photo albums, most of those were taken while I was on a urban or rural hike!