Western Big Game Lottery Planning

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Much like any event you would like to do, you need to plan, plan, plan if you want the experience t very enjoyable. Some of these plans may be short-term 3-5 years, while others may be for 15-20 years especially when it comes to sheep, goat or moose.

Like the old saying goes, “You can’t win, if you don’t enter!” You must enter the drawings that you can afford, every year.

I would recommend these few points to note in your plans:

How soon would you like to hunt that species in that state? If it a few years out, just apply of points only if the state allows.

If possible have a credit card (Visa or Master Card, sorry Amex, I wish the states would accept Amex!) dedicated for the big application process only. Make sure this card is not set to expire during the year that you are applying, to prevent headaches if you are drawn.

Use your resources that can assist you with matching the species, style of hunt and the state you prefer.

Lastly, utilize a resources that not only can assist you with the above mention, but the application process as well. You may say, why should I pay someone? If you use a reputable resources like Carter’s Hunter Services or Western Hunter Services, you will greatly mitigate missing deadlines and or regulation changes or regulations.

Here are the 4 resources that I use to assist with my licensing process:

MonsterMuleys.com’s Hunt Draw Odds: This is a great tool, to assist you in your decision making on how to go about your licensing game. For example, if you want a high quality Muley tag and it takes 5 years to draw in 2 different states. You might not want to put in to win for both as you may end up having to choose one over the other, if the hunts are at the same time of year.

Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal (MRS section): They do an outstanding job of breaking down each western state in hunting units, game, access to hunt, draw odds and the like. This is a great starting point to make your notes!

Carter’s Hunter Services (Huntin’ Fool): This is a very high quality magazine that breaks down the western state in hunting units, game, access to hunt, draw odds as well. One of the side benefits if you are a member of the mag is when you draw your coveted tag, you can call Huntin’ Fool. They will scan their database for members who have hunted the same area in the past and provide you with their contact information. This is invaluable, as fellow hunters can tell you were to start, where water might be, gear to use…you get the idea!

Being that Chris at Western Hunter Magazine is no longer offering licensing services, the services of Worldwide Trophy Adventures come highly recommended. Jason and team break down the states in an “in your face” kind of way and not so much with just numbers. So, if you use all 4 of these resources together, you have the best in the business working for you!

So, it’s never too late to get in the game!

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