Year End Report: A United Nation of Sportsmen

Happy New Year from Big Game Forever!

We would like to provide a progress report on our efforts this past year. Thanks for your continued support in our effort to remove Canadian Grey Wolves from the Endangered Species Act and restore management to State Agencies. Unmanaged wolves remain one of the principal strategies used by anti sportsmen groups to: (1) close hunting units; (2) eliminate the ability of states to manage wildlife; and (3) undermine critical hunting rights.

Much progress has been made.

Our grassroots efforts to unite and support efforts in Congress have made great progress. Big Game Forever continues to represent a united nation of sportsmen and now has thousands of supporters in 45 states. Your response and efforts to protect our hunting rights made a big difference this fall. Senate Bill S.3919 and House Bill HB.6028 have co-sponsors from many states and considerable additional support.

Wolf delisting has become a hot topic in Washington, D.C.. One Senate staffer indicated, “You wanted the entire US Senate to be talking about wolf delisting. Congratulations, today that goal was accomplished.” In the final hours of Congress both Democrats and Republicans were feeling the pressure and nearly passed a heavily negotiated wolf-delisting bill through the Senate by unanimous consent. As one can appreciate, getting all 100 Senators on the same page is difficult and on two occasions two Senators objected thus killing the unanimous requirement. We anticipate that 2011 is shaping up nicely for passage of wolf delisting legislation in Congress.

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