100 Years Are Being Erased

100 Years Are Being Erased

100 Years Are Being Erased

Next week is the deadline for public comments for Montana’s wolf season.  You may not live in Montana, but this message is very important for all sportsmen in America.

While Idaho has begun efforts to reduce wolf populations, wolf numbers in Montana continue to increase. Defenders of Wildlife has announced a significant newspaper ad campaign in Montana’s Missoulian newspaper.  The ad declares in part that “Wolves Improve the Health of Herds and Habitat.”  In fact, it appears that DOW has raised $40,000 for this campaign.  To see more on this ad campaign visit:

As you are aware, Big Game Forever was built to counter grass roots efforts to undermine our right to hunt and fish.  In that vein, Big Game Forever will also run a major newspaper ad campaign this weekend in many Montana Newspapers.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 to share the facts about what unmanaged wolves have meant for Montana.   Here is a copy of our ad:


This ad will be two-full pages and will run in seven different newspapers across the state of Montana. Total readership for these 7 papers is 400,000 people.  Help support the Big Game Forever newspaper ad campaign by donating today at: http://biggameforever.org/how-you-can-help.php 

I think most of us would agree that unmanaged wolves has not worked for Montana wildlife.  The loss of hunting opportunity in Montana can’t be ignored.  Recent data suggests that from 2005-2011, Montana lost approximately 6,000 hunters in region 2, one of its seven elk management regions. Antlerless elk tags in the region went from 2,300 to zero.

State management of wolves is the answer, not the threat.  Congress has acted and the courts have ruled.  Several groups in Montana feel that new proposals fail to loosen these new restrictions sufficiently.  In addition to supporting the ad campaign, you can support the effort to loosen these restrictions by contacting Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

We need to deliver a simple consistent message to the Montana Commission stating the following.

I support the MFWP wolf season tentative proposal with the following changes:

1. Delete the 425 minimum target/objective – it is arbitrary and not based on science
2. Snaring must be included in the general trapping season – it is already allowed for other species and can be managed for wolves as well
3. Trapping season should open January 1, 2013 and continue until March 31, 2013 and eliminate the 48 hr trap check requirement.
3. General gun season September 1 to end March 31, 2013.
4. Reduce the cost of non-resident license to $50.
5. Eliminate the five-day waiting period between license purchase and start of hunt.

Online Comments:
To comment on line Click Here http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/publicComments/2012_13proposedWolfHunt.html

Thanks for your support,

Ryan Benson


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