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Gathering information on hunting area(s)

Another very useful from South Cox on how to gather information on the area(s) that you will need to hunt, once you decide on the type of country that you want for  your backcountry hunt.


Once you have decided on the type of country you want to hunt, the search for such an area that holds the quality and quantity of animals you are looking for can begin.  Such a search can seem daunting at first, but if you break your sources down into groups, it’ll make your research process much more organized.  I’ve got a file drawer that I’ve got files for each state.   As I’m reading hunting magazines throughout the year, I’ll cut out relevant information and drop it in the file for that specific state.  The internet has become an invaluable tool for digging up information and using it to research a hunting area gets you 24/7 access to information.  I’ve gleaned a lot of valuable tips out of the online forums.  Viewing them post-season will give you some insight to what kind of quality other hunters have been taking.  Some openly reveal what unit they have taken an animal in, others may be willing to help out with a private mail inquiry.  A lot of general information can be found about specific mountain ranges or wilderness areas as you begin to narrow down your search.  Ask about deer numbers, recent winter kill and how many other hunters a person ran into while on their hunt.  Use this information as just one piece of the puzzle.  If you get a good lead, you’ll want to follow up on it with some of the phone contacts you’ll be making later in the process.   Print out information that you deem valuable and add it to your growing file.  


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John Banovich

John Banovich Besides being an artist that my wife and I really enjoy, John Banovich is a hunter and a conservationist.

My wife wanted to know why I did not have anything posted on this blog about John. Well, being that I have not yet met him, I cannot provide an interview. But, with a little research I have provided several links to sites with his art and articles on him.

John’s Personal Website

Swimming with Giants

Interview with John Banovich