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Handgun Sales Boom at Elk Foundation Fundraisers

MISSOULA, Mont.–Ask an elk hunter about their favorite caliber and you’ll hear nary a peep about the .45 ACP. Venerable handgun round, certainly. Big game round, hardly.
That’s why Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation officials are pleasantly surprised that a Kimber 1911 in .45 ACP emerged as the top-performing firearm at 2009 fundraisers for elk habitat conservation.

The gun, blued with an RMEF logo laser-etched into rosewood grips, was the first-ever 1911 in the organization’s core lineup of firearms for auctions and raffles nationwide.

“Hunting rifles and shotguns are always the centerpiece of our fundraising efforts, but last year we sold 325 of these pistols and generated well over $600,000 gross for elk and other wildlife,” said Steve Decker, vice president of marketing for the Elk Foundation. “At several events this gun sold for more than $5,000, which we certainly never expected.”

Also in 2009, RMEF passed the 5.7 million-acre mark in habitat protected or enhanced for elk and other wildlife, and the 600,000-acre mark in hunting lands opened or secured for the public.

Decker says he’s uncertain whether the Elk Foundation’s 2009 handgun sales were related to the nationwide boom in handgun sales last year, or if the big game hunters who support the organization were simply enthusiastic about the new offering of a good handgun. Either way, the inaugural 1911 was so successful, RMEF will offer a Kimber .45 ACP companion model in stainless steel, with matching logo engraving, in 2010.

All firearm recipients must pass standard background checks.

DGIF Message to Advisory Group Members

Fellow Outdoor Supporters,

I’ve been asked to share this email with all Members who support outdoor activities in Virginia.  The communication being forwarded is from Bob Duncan, Director of VDGIF.  A basic understanding of what is being proposed and changes that may impact you on each is important.  The more we are aware of what is being proposed the better we can input the process and communicate our desires in a very proactively thoughtful manner.  It helps to know who is involved in what legislation so that we can contact the legislators directly with any particular thoughts or concerns.  This way we stay connected and assist in continuing to enjoy the best possible freedoms with the least amount of encumbrances.

Please share this with those who support outdoor activities in Virginia.

Virginia’s 857,000 hunters and anglers spend $1.3-billion annually and support 24,000 jobs.

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Leupold, Elk Foundation to Partner for Elk Country

MISSOULA, Mont.—Throughout 2010, hunters can purchase four new Leupold products—a spotting scope kit, binoculars, rangefinder and riflescope—earmarked to support the habitat conservation work of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The RMEF licensed and logoed products will be available at retailers nationwide.

“This is two great brands coming together for the future of elk and elk hunting,” said Steve Decker, vice president of marketing for RMEF. “Leupold has been a great partner and sponsor of RMEF for years and we’re very pleased to announce this expansion into officially licensed products.”

“Leupold & Stevens, Inc. is privileged to have been associated with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for the past 24 years,” said Mike Slack of Leupold. “Since those early years, RMEF has compiled an extraordinary list of accomplishments that we all can be very proud of. We are honored to participate in this new partnership.”

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Colorado Wildlife Commission Approves 2010 Big Game Regs

DENVER, Colo. – The Colorado Wildlife Commission finalized 2010 big game regulations at its regular meeting Jan. 11.  The Commission approved a variety of changes, some providing expanded opportunities for hunters.

Key revisions include:

Hybrid Draw:
The Colorado Division of Wildlife established a “Hybrid” drawing for select elk and deer licenses for the 2010 hunting seasons.   The purpose of the drawing is to give hunters the additional opportunity to draw a license for some of the state’s premier elk and deer hunting areas.    Hunters with five or more elk or deer preference points that select as their first choice a unit requiring 10 or more resident preference points for that species will be automatically included in the random drawing. Approximately 15 elk and three deer units qualify for the drawing.

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Land Transfer Keeps Nevada Landscape Intact

MISSOULA, Mont.–A spectacular landscape in northeast Nevada will remain intact for elk, other wildlife and public access following a land transfer from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to the Bureau of Land Management.

The conveyance prevents residential development on 235 acres of inholdings within Goshute Canyon Wilderness 20 miles north of Ely, Nev.

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Marge’s Family Needs Your Assistance


Martha “Marge” Johnson

On January 14, 2010 we lost our dear friend Martha “Marge” Johnson, whom will be dearly missed by countless friends and family. [Read more…]

Wyoming Elk Applications Due Feb 1st

The application deadline this year is February 1. The February 1 deadline is a departure this year from the normal January 31 deadline since January 31 is on a weekend.

Hunters may apply online at

The Non-resident (Me!) application is available at

Good luck in the draw!

Get Kids Outside

Outdoor Parents Outdoor KidsGetting kids away from video games and into the great outdoor, is something that my family practices. This is also something that Eugene Buchanan’s, believes in as well.

Eugene Buchanan has written a book named Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids a guide to almost any outdoor activity that a family can enjoy together.

The book will be available March 1st  for $19.95 plus $5 for Shipping & Handling via FedEx.

5% of all book sales benefit the Outdoor Foundation and their efforts to grow youth participation in outdoor recreation.

This is must read and a go-to reference guide!

Contact us for your copy!


Printed copies of 2010 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Regulations Now Available

The printed regulation booklet for Arizona’s 2010 elk and pronghorn antelope hunting seasons are now in license dealer stores and department offices throughout the state. Hunters that are interested in a tag will need to submit an application through the lottery-draw process.

WY State Super Raffle Still Has Tickets Available

$50 Per Ticket
Only 800 Tickets will be sold. Need not be present to win.

Grand Prize:
2009 27’ Interstate Trailer, Ride On, Ride Off. Holds 4 Snowmobiles or 6 ATVs. Customized with RMEF Logo.

1st Place: Browning XBolt Stainless Stalker .325 WSM
2nd: Remington 700 RMEF .300 Remington Ultra Mag
3rd: Kimber Custom RMEF .45 ACP Pistol
4th: Browning XBolt .270 WSM
5th: Smith & Wesson .44 629 Classic
6th: Remington Model 7 Stainless .260
7th: RMEF Savage .204 with scope
8th: Stevens 200 .30-06
9th: Ruger Hawkeye .25-06
10th: RMEF Remington 770 Stainless Camo .7mm Rem Mag
11th: RMEF Weatherby Vanguard .22-250 w/ scope
12th: Henry .44 Big Boy
13th: Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Shotgun
14th: Browning BLR .22
15th: Winchester Wildcat .22

Drawing to be held at Wyoming RMEF Winter Meeting Jan. 23, 2010 in Casper, WY.

The Entry Form can be found here!