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Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 4

We setup on another small lake for this morning’s hunt, as it looked very elky as they had water, dark timber cover on 2 sides, meadow and a north facing slope. We received a little response but the bull went quiet before Greg could get to him.

We went back to this little oasis to hunt for the evening. We did get the bull to respond to us but only twice as he was further up on the mountain and Greg couldn’t get in on him. On the way back to camp that evening, Greg noticed a light at the far end of the lake. I could clearly tell that he was not comfortable with this as he thought the light was moving our way, which it was not. The light never moved in any direction, it just would go dim and then brightens back up again. I told him that it was probably hikers camping out, as no hunters would be that nuts to hunt back her To cover his concern, he said that, Maybe Amy sent rescuers out for me, because she didn’t receive the SPOT messages. I told him she wouldn’t do that at the beginning of a trip and she was content with my woodsman skills. So, we continued onto camp, where we fired up the Jetboil to have some Mountain House Beef Stew. While we were eating, Greg noticed a bright light on top of the mountain in front of us. He was concerned that there was somebody crazier than I as they were climbing it at night. I quickly settled him down and pointed out that the light was on an airplane.

This evening I saw what I think was my viewing of a star burning out. It was in the southern sky, the star got very bright, similar to a flash and gone!  That was pretty cool! Time to get some sleep as there will be lots of hiking tomorrow!

Bear Track

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 3

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 3

I know that bull is coming up here!

We got up, shook the frost off and hiked down from where we thought the bull from the previous night came from. We talked about the setup and I made a few location bugles. We moved a little further down the ridge and gave a location bugle. Immediately a bull responded so I set Greg up in front of me about 60 yards. The bull and I chatted back-and-forth for about 20 minutes. Then I “clucked” to see if Greg had left yet to sneak in on the bull and he was right where I left him. By this time, the bull bedded down and stopped bugling.

For the afternoon hunt we set up on the opposite side of where we last heard the bull from the morning. We could never get a response from any elk in different locations and setups. There was a small herd of cows and calves that were skirting behind Greg. He was unaware of their presence until the branch snapped when they busted out of there once they winded him.  We arrived back at camp around 10 pm after a hard hike back. The night was very quiet; we never heard one bugle all evening long. Even over the next mountain, where it sounded like the elk were partying every evening and morning. I will try talking Greg into hiking over there! It was only another 3 miles from the current camp.

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 2

Have You Seen Project Black From FMP?

FMP, has just released their latest hunting DVD! For those of you who haven’t caught Full Moon Production’s (FMP) latest movie  “Project Black”, you need to watch the trailer below.

Not only do they harvest great animals, but the video provides the some of the best music (which others are now using in their shows) and an artistic viewing experience. Don’t get me wrong there is great hunting footage on all of their hunts! It’s just not the “I just got in my stand for 10 minutes and this bruiser  steps out!” They work for every shot!

I will be placing my order for Project Black as soon as I finish typing this post, you should do the same!

For ordering, access the FMP site, then click on “The Store”. I also recommend the DVD 3 Pack which includes their previous 3 DVDs and are a must have!!!

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 2

Bagel, Peanut Butter, Honey and Bacon Sandwiches-flattened!

Woke up early the next morning, no alarm clock needed as I was filled with anticipation. Got dressed, ate some breakfast that the hotel offered and then drove to the grocery store to get some food for our sandwiches.  We each made four bagel, peanut butter and honey and bacon sandwiches to take with me on this trip. Back to the hotel, made our sandwiches, took showers, loaded the truck and were headed to the trailhead by 8am. [Read more…]

Four ‘Right to Hunt’ Amendments Draw RMEF Support

MISSOULA, Mont.–Voters in four states–Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee–will have an opportunity on Election Day to protect hunting and other sporting pursuits as constitutional rights. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports these amendments as a way to protect outdoor traditions and the revenue they generate for conservation. [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 1

After 8 months of planning this Do It Yourself (DIY) trip and working out like a madman I was finally ready as I was going to be. I had lost 13 pounds in weight and 3 inches of my waist line. This was achieved by doing 2 different variations of the P90X workout routine and starting a diet the last 3 months of training. The diet was a simple design, tough to implement! It was to cut out all sweets like dessert, soda, ice cream and the like along with everything and anything that was deep fried. As time drew neared I started taking 8 mile hikes 1-2 times a week with my Mystery Ranch Crew Cab loaded with weight that was increased slightly every week. [Read more…]

Utah Conservation Projects Draw RMEF Funding

MISSOULA, Mont.–Wildlife conservation and public education projects in 18 Utah counties have been selected to receive grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 2010.

The new RMEF funding, totaling $165,500, will directly affect Beaver, Cache, Daggett, Emery, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Kane, Millard, Piute, Rich, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit, Uintah, Utah and Wasatch counties.

Two additional projects have statewide interest.

“These grants are possible because of two major funding sources in Utah,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “First are the many banquets and fundraisers staged over the past year by our Utah volunteers. Second are raffles and auctions of special Utah hunting permits, which are earmarked to fund habitat projects across the state.” [Read more…]

Game Glide Launch

Industry’s First Ultra Light, Disposable Game Sled Reduces the Effort Needed to Drag Game by up to 46%

The launch of the Game Glide ultra light game sled defines a new market segment within the Hunting

Cranberry Township, PA “GrandView Solutions, LLC. has announced the launch and immediate availability of the Game Glide  Ultra Light Deer Sled.  The Game Glide is the first entrant into an entirely new segment within the Hunting Accessory category:  the Disposable Game Sled segment.

The Game Glide works with your existing deer drag to make dragging up to 46% easier and surprisingly, this performance does not come at a significant cost or complexity.  While there are other game carriers that could be used to aid in the transportation of the animal, such as ATVs, reusable deer sleds, wheeled deer carts, and other game sleds, they are all more expensive, heavier, and more complicated. The Game Glide deer sled is made of an ultra-tough and slick material and though it weighs a mere 5 ounces and folds to a convenient 3.5 x 6.5 size, it unfolds to a size of 25 X 50, large enough to fit a trophy buck. [Read more…]

RMEF Supports ‘Right to Hunt’ Amendments in S.C., Tenn.

MISSOULA, Mont.–On Nov. 2, voters in South Carolina and Tennessee can pass amendments to their state constitutions that would protect hunting and fishing as constitutional rights. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports these amendments as a way to protect sporting traditions and the revenue they generate for conservation.

“Every citizen of South Carolina and Tennessee who appreciates wildlife and wild places should vote in favor of these amendments, because hunters and anglers pay for most of the conservation efforts in this country,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. [Read more…]

RMEF Urges Hunter Restraint Toward Wolves

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is urging hunters to continue their restraint and to not take wolf management into their own hands while afield this fall.

RMEF President and CEO David Allen also is thanking hunters in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming for their patience and sportsmanship over the years since wolf populations in those states have been fully restored but still federally protected.

Allen said, “We understand the growing frustration felt by sportsmen regarding wolves. We’re extremely frustrated, too. However, we ask hunters to avoid the temptation to solve this problem through ‘vigilante wolf management.’ The sporting community must continue to follow our time-honored tradition of legal, ethical hunting.” [Read more…]