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Special Rules for Late Elk Season in GMU 54

GUNNISON, Colo. — The Colorado Division of Wildlife is reminding late season hunters in Game Management Unit 54 northwest of Gunnison to be aware of special regulations that apply to this hunt.

The late elk season for this unit runs from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31. The hunting area, however, is split into two sections, one east of West Antelope Creek, and the other west of West Antelope Creek.

Licenses designated L1 are valid in an area east of Antelope Creek and West Antelope Creek, east of the boundary of the West Elk Wilderness, south of the Kebler Pass Road (CR 12) and west of Colorado Highway 135.

The L2 licenses are valid for the area west of West Antelope Creek. [Read more…]

FWP Seeks Comment On Nonresident License Rule

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on the proposed 2011 nonresident combination hunting license annual rule.

With the recent voter approved ballot Initiative 161, which eliminated guaranteed big game hunting licenses for nonresidents who hunt with outfitters and increased the cost of some licenses, the new law affects FWP’s annual rule for the sale of nonresident combination hunting licenses.

The proposed rule, approved by the FWP Commission today, includes the new license fees set by the passage of I-161 and includes the required $5 drawing fee and $10 hunting access enhancement fee. Since the prices are set by law with the passage of I-161, the FWP Commission is not seeking public comment on the following license fees: [Read more…]

Late Seasons Offer Youth Chance to Fill Tags

DURANGO, Colo. — The Colorado Division of Wildlife reminds youth hunters who didn’t fill their cow or either-sex elk tags during the regular seasons that they are eligible to hunt antlerless elk anywhere in the state where a late season is scheduled. Those with unfilled bull elk licenses are not eligible.

Most late seasons begin sometime after the fourth rifle season which ended on Nov. 21, but the starting dates vary depending on the Game Management Unit. The late season opportunity allows youths between 12 and 17 years old to hunt in some units through January.

“It looks like that the overall elk harvest statewide might be a bit down for the regular rifle seasons, so these late hunts should give some youth hunters a great chance at getting an animal,” said Rick Basagoitia, area wildlife manager for the San Luis Valley. [Read more…]

Tremendous developments in wolf delisting!

Some tremendous developments in wolf delisting have happened in the last several months. We are definitely entering a new stage in the battle to return wolf management to the people of the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and many other states across the country.

TWO bills have been introduced into Congress. H.R. 6028 in the House and S.3919 in the Senate. Both bills take wolves off the Endangered Species list nationwide and end the thoughtless years of litigation and technicalities which have been used to stop decisions by the Bush and Obama administrations to delist wolves. Many Senators, Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats across the country have come out in support of these important bills including the entire Congressional delegations of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, select Senators and Congressmen in Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesotta, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas and other states. Thousands of Sportsmen from 47 states have signed the Big Game Forever wolf delisting petition.

The anti-sportsmen and anti-grazing forces are amassing to kill the bills. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP in the coming weeks. Look for updates from Big Game Forever which will be coming by email. We will only send you emails for the most important developments and grass roots efforts.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts,

Ryan Benson,
National Director Big Game Forever


New Line of PRIMEâ„¢ Bows Available in Concealment Pattern Based on Animal Vision

Newark, DE – November 17, 2010 – W.L. Gore & Associates, a leading manufacturer of advanced technology products including GORE-TEX branded products, today announced that G5 Outdoors, a leading manufacturer of premium bows and archery equipment, will offer GORE OPTIFADE Concealment in both Open Country and Forest patterns on its newest line of premium PRIMEâ„¢ bows. The bows will be available for purchase at retail in time for the Holiday season and the remaining 2010 hunting season. GORE OPTIFADE Concealment is the first-ever concealment technology based on how animals see, both spatially and colorimetrically. [Read more…]

GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit

Tomorrow morning I will make the drive North to the W.L. Gore & Associates headquarters for the GORE Labs2Woods Blogger Summit. They have an action packed few days for us! I will be touring the Gore facilities, talking with their engineers, and hopefully get to personally test some gear! I hopeful that I get a stint in the Rain Room. 

I will finally get to personally meet with some of my fellow outdoor bloggers! We are to have a meet-n-greet with Mark Seacat, Jeff Simpson and Colonel Tim O’Neill, a.k.a. Father of Digital Camouflage. Then we are off to test the GORE OPTIFADE in woods, this is going to be an awesome trip! 

As an outdoor gear geek, I’m really stoked about this opportunity to get a behind the scenes at the GORE Labs and share it will all of you.  I will try to pictures and or video daily here on the blog daily, but will have to see if time permits.

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Reflections

I am not sure what would shut the elk vocalizing after 2 ½ days, could it have been the forestry guys? Maybe!  Could it have been wolves? How about a mountain lion? We saw both tracks while hunting. But, I talked to a few other guys that hunt the same zone about 20 miles apart from where we were and they experienced the same thing on the same days.

It was a good hunt, not only to challenge myself, test new gear and but in taking a greenhorn on this type of adventure. Even though Greg was not physically or mentally prepared we were able to adjust the hunt to his abilities and made the best of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Greg will be signing up to join any of my backcountry experiences unless there is are horses involved and porta potty! [Read more…]

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Last Day

Greg at Almond's Spill

We woke up early, packed camp on our backs and headed west to hunt our way back from whence we came. We ran into the Forestry Contractor again and talked with their team leader Andrew for a bit. We talked about conservation, hiking, hunting and the like. I found it interesting that nobody in the group hunted. But, yet we were all on the same page in the goal of keeping wild areas wild! Andrew informed me that they would not be back in this area for at least another 3 years. My mind was already starting to work on the next trip out here. [Read more…]

Do You Know Gore?


I’ve been invited to a multi-day blogger summit at the W.L. GORE facility.  This to get a behind the scenes look at the GORE Campus and some scientific education on their products. Some of the products that you may know:


So, if you have any questions that you would like for me to ask them, share them here! The questions can be on the development of the camouflage pattern, the company’s carbon footprint to what’s next from GORE.

Just post your question here on my blog by Tuesday (11.17.10), I will relay the top questions and post replies here for you!


Archery Mule Deer Rut Special

If you are in the hunt for a late season archery Mulei hunt, the great team over at Outdoors International have an early Christmas present for you!