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Landowners, Partners Secure 1,050 Acres of Montana Habitat

MISSOULA, Mont.–Longtime volunteers of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Keith and Linda Ward of Huson, Mont., have finalized a deal to permanently protect 1,050 acres of area ranchland that serve as important habitat for elk and other wildlife.

On Dec. 16, the Wards placed their Checkpoint Ranch, some 20 miles west of Missoula, Mont., between Ninemile and Sixmile creeks, under conservation easement with RMEF. [Read more…]

Sunday Hunting Push Has Arrived


The time is NOW!

Last Summer at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show you expressed support for the effort to increase hunter access to the woods through lifting of the current Sunday hunting restrictions.  In January 2012 the Virginia Senate and House will be deciding whether or not to give you the freedom to participate on the 7th day in an activity that is legal and safe the other 6 days of the week.  The Sunday hunting restrictions are the last hold-out of the blue laws and dates back to the rule of the British Crown.

The Virginia Sunday Hunting Coalition and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have established a method for you to let the Governor and your Senator and Delegate know that you support a change in the law.  It is a few easy clicks and typing in your address to let them know you want them to act.

You can go here to let them know where you want your legislators to stand:

The grass roots effort is continuing to grow and has over 2,800 members.  You can click here to get updates during this critical phase and find out where we need to focus on the AG Committees:

The change in the law would not tell anyone that they MUST participate in Sunday hunting, we only ask that the woods be shared equally with the freedom and liberty to choose.
Thank you for getting involved and please feel free to forward on to fellow hunters!

Matthew O’Brien
facebook group “Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All”

W.I.S.E. Up

W.I.S.E. Trail Camera Software

Wouldn’t it be great on the mornings you head out to the whitetail woods, if you had a cup of coffee fired up the computer and it let you knew which treestand would be the best to hunt from that day?

Well the clouds have lifted…welcome W.I.S.E. (Weather Imaging Synchronization Engine)!

There are several technologies on the market currently that allow you manage your trail camera photos, filed observations. But, I am unaware of any that tie all of this information in with lunar, weather information to assist you in patterning deer. [Read more…]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Outdoor Edge Butcher LiteIf you or someone in your family is looking for that last minute Christmas gift, we have the best gear for that serious hunter or backcountry explorer!

How about the Outdoor Edge Butcher Lite Kit? It’s the ideal light-weight, portable field butcher kit. Or how about a cooler that will not only keep the ice and cold in but keep a Grizzly bear out, check out the line of Canyon coolers

Here are just some companies that we are carrying:

Exped is the best Tents, Tarps, Mosquito Nets, Hammocks, Bivy Bags, Sleeping Bags, Mats, Mats, Backpacks, Packsacks, Trekking Poles
Hilleberg produces lightweight, four-season, mountain tents of the highest quality
Jetboil manufactures portable outdoor stoves and accessories [Read more…]

Ram Trucks and Scoutlook Weather Partner


SYRACUSE, NY has announced that it has become the “official weather provider for the Ram Outdoorsman truck”. The 2012 Ram Truck “Tools for the Hunt” campaign will feature ScoutLook’s essential weather related information geared to helping Ram Outdoorsman owners have every possible edge for success, including the finest, most creative weather information available for hunters and fishermen.

“Scoutlook Weather is thrilled to partner with Ram Trucks because like the Outdoorsman, we tailored our entire weather offering to hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Cy Weichert, Co-Founder of ScoutLook Weather. “We are not just about weather; we are about fully integrating resources that outdoorsmen need into one intuitive place, in a way that helps people hunt & fish better. Our website, first of kind ScentCone & SetZone WindMaps and smartphone apps for iPhone and Android provide all you need to know before going afield. They really are tools for the hunt, just like the Outdoorsman truck.” [Read more…]

RMEF Supports Extended Wolf Hunt

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is on record supporting a proposal to extend wolf-hunting seasons in Montana through the end of 2011, and beyond if necessary, until the harvest quota is met.

In a Nov. 28, 2011, letter to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department, RMEF President and CEO David Allen wrote, “RMEF believes that it is very important that hunters be allowed as much time as possible during these winter months to harvest the statewide quota of 220 wolves.”

Allen reminded the agency that elk and other big game herds in certain areas are being significantly impacted by burgeoning wolf populations, along with black bears, grizzlies and mountain lions. RMEF encouraged state officials to actively manage and control predators in these areas. [Read more…]

Hunters for the Hungry Need Venison

HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY IN NEED OF VENISON – Even a package or two would make a difference this year!

Hunters for the Hungry is seeing first hand the impact of this devastating economy. Program director, Laura Newell-Furniss reports that donations of venison are down by 40% through this summer’s damage permits and the bowhunting season. 111,000 pounds of meat have been donated and distributed compared to 185,000 pounds as of this time last year. She attributes this shortfall to the pressures all of us are feeling with the current state of the economy and the length of time this decline is continuing. Many people are keeping more deer for their own families or they know people personally who are asking them to give them a deer. [Read more…]

GORE OPTIFADE Concelament Marsh Pattern

W.L. GORE Associates

Elkton, MD  W.L. Gore & Associates, a leading manufacturer of advanced technology products including GORE-TEX branded products, today announced that it has developed GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Marsh Pattern.  The pattern is the third science-based GORE OPTIFADE pattern, and the first to be optimized for hunting waterfowl.  The pattern is available on gear from Beretta and Sitka, which will debut at the January, 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  Gear will be available at retail for consumers in the summer of 2012.

Our aim is to create the most scientifically advanced technologies to help hunters maximize their performance in the field and improve the outcome of their hunt, commented David Dillon, Hunting Category Leader at W.L.Gore & Associates. GORE OPTIFADE is the only concealment technology based on the science of animal vision, engagement distance and angles of attack.  We are thrilled to now offer that technology to another group of dedicated hunters the millions who hunt waterfowl.  [Read more…]

Control Your Hunting Property Like a Whitetail Freak

Property Manager Aerial View

Team Hunt Geek helps hunters use their iPhone & iPod to seize control of their deer hunting domain like never before.

The Property Manager app is GPS-based, will mark treestand locations, trail cams, scrapes and other points of interested to assist you in the whitetail woods.

Property Manager calculates your food plot and property acreages – and even offers a handy “go-to” function to help aid you in finding your treestand in the dark. [Read more…]

Time to Apply for Dall Sheep in Alaska

Alaska Dall Sheep - Outdoors International

Now is the time to apply for the Alaska Dall Sheep Draw.

With the decline of quality Alaska Dall sheep hunting for trophy rams in most general season areas in Alaska, the Outfitter that Outdoors International works with is strictly focusing on the draw areas of the famed Chugach Mountains & the TOK Management Area. Both non-residents & residents alike must draw a sheep tag to hunt these areas. Learn more here:

The application period runs November 1st – December 31st for this hunt, and we handle all the paperwork. There is no doubt that this is your best bet for harvesting a trophy ram that could possibly break the magic 170″ mark.

Let Outdoors International know if you would like to apply. They will do all the paperwork for you. Remember, time is of the essence. If you are interested, get back to them as soon as possible.
                       Outdoors International
(208) 867-6675