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Interested in A DIY Private Land Elk Hunt?

Adventures West Recreation - Archery Only Consultants


They had a last minute cancellation of four self-guided archery elk hunters on a large ranch in N/E Oregon.  This hunt includes the following:

Exclusive access to 14,000 acres of private land
7 full days of hunting
Property orientation by the rancher or outfitter
FREE use of a furnished ranch house [Read more…]

Scorpion Venom, a Good Thing

Scorpion Venom 3 Star String Maintenance KitIf you are like me are beyond the issues with wax on your strings and cables, then I have found the product for you.

To be honest waxing the strings and cables on my bows was a necessary evil. I like the benefits of keeping them from drying out, starting fray and keep if from soaking up the water in the rain. But, the trade-off is that it allows everything else that is bad for the strings to stick to it and act as sandpaper each-n-every draw and shot of the bow. [Read more…]

Elk Hunt Forecast 2011

Rocky Mountain Elk FoundationMISSOULA, Mont.–Winterkill, habitat problems and wolves have driven elk numbers down in some areas. But many of America’s roughly 800,000 elk hunters have reason to be optimistic about upcoming seasons, based on hunt forecasts compiled by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

(Note: The following data, compiled from state and provincial wildlife agencies, reflect biologists’ best estimates of elk populations. Each year, animal rights activists blatantly misrepresent these data to prop up their argument for keeping wolves perpetually on the Endangered Species List. It’s a fact that where wolves are concentrated, elk herds are being impacted. Calf survival rates in certain areas are too low to sustain herds for the future. Wolves must be managed, same as elk. In spite of the misuse, RMEF believes these data are valuable to hunters and will continue to provide them.)

Following are condensed forecasts for 29 states and provinces. See full-length versions at For even more detailed coverage, see the Sept./Oct. 2011 edition of the RMEF member magazine, Bugle. To join, call 800-CALL ELK. [Read more…]

Trout Bum Diaries

Trout Bum Diaries

The Trout Bum Diaries (TBD) provide us with an inside look into their traveling to unexplored territories and the pursuit of beautiful fish. Instead of focusing on the techniques of fishing, fly tying and the like these guys spend their nights sleeping in tents or on the ground, drinking beer, tying flies, and fly fishing. These guys show you backcountry fishing at its best. [Read more…]

Tips for Field Judging Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.–A trophy bull can turn up almost anywhere in elk country but opportunities to take one are rare. When a monster steps out, a hunter often has no time to count antler points, much less compute scores. But not always. Sometimes there’s ample chance to really focus and size up an elk in your search for the bull of a lifetime.

Will you know a world-class trophy if you see one?

“All elk hunters are fascinated by antlers, but not everyone recognizes what it takes to grow trophies. Big headgear is a product of genetics, age and nutrition provided by great habitat,” said David Allen, president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. “Learning to field judge antlers will help you understand even more about the elk you’re looking at, whether it’s one for the record books–or one to let walk away and grow up.” [Read more…]

Sitka Gear is Moving


Sitka Gear Mountain Bound
Sitka Announces Plans to Relocate Their Offices to Bozeman, Montana

NAPA, Calif. – Sitka announced Friday they will be moving their headquarters from Napa, Calif., to Bozeman, Mont., and will be operating out of the new location by April 2012.

Nestled below the jagged peaks of the Rockies, Bozeman is an ideal venue for testing and developing gear, and is a popular destination for hunting and outdoor recreation. Its forward-thinking and outdoor-centric culture makes it a natural home for Sitka. [Read more…]

Hunt Fish VA App

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF)

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ new app for iPhone and iPod touch is perfect for:

  • getting the latest news from VDGIF;
  • looking up hunting regulations, seasons, and bag limits while in the field;
  • viewing freshwater fishing regulations and state record fish;
  • identifying the fish you just caught;
  • getting the sunrise and sunset times for your location;
  • recording your trophy harvests;
  • finding nearby boat ramps, Wildlife Management Areas, and lakes;

Download it here:

Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!