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Grizzly & Black Bear Hunt in British Columbia

Tallgrass Outfitters Black Bear

Spring is closing rapidly. Anyone looking for a great Interior Grizzly hunt should seriously consider this one. They will be conducting this hunt in May. There are two non-resident licenses for the 2012 spring hunt. They will accommodate the hunters schedule and give you the best dates available. They have dropped the price and added a reduced trophy fee for second Black Bear if taken for hunters that wish to travel alone. [Read more…]

Who Is Willi Schmidt

Willi Schmidt may not a household name nor have you seen him in many magazines. But, he is truly dedicated to Pure Hunting!

Willi was raised in an active outdoor home. His father was a wildlife biologist and he would join his father in the field. Willi began hunting at the age of 14 and has never looked back.

Willi took up archery late in his hunting career, but once he went, he was hooked! Coincidentally, Willi and I both started bowhunting the same year; the difference was bowhunting was my introduction to the sport of hunting, as I was not raised in a hunting household.

Since then he has taken some great animals across the great nation. His greatest hunting achievement was his 2010 archery Bighorn Sheep. [Read more…]

Oregon DIY Archery Deer-Elk Hunt

Oregon DIY Archery Deer-Elk Hunt

The following Oregon private land archery deer/elk hunt is available! [Read more…]

Idaho Protected the Right to hunt, Fish and Trap

Big Game Forever

Yesterday, Idaho’s legislature passed a bill to place a “right to hunt” constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2012. Given the efforts to undermine the North American Wildlife Model in Idaho and in many other states, the timing of this constitutional amendment couldn’t be more critical. Governor Otter is expected to sign this bill into law in the next few weeks. [Read more…]

Chama NM Archery Elk Hunts


Archery Only Consultants Elk

The following New Mexico private land archery elk hunts are currently available.

Guaranteed elk tags and the deer tags are guaranteed too but the deadline to apply is “today” March 28th, so hurry! [Read more…]

IQ Bowsight Money-Back Guarantee

IQ Bowsight 20+ yard guarantee

The folks behind the revolutionary IQ Bowsight are so confident that the IQ will greatly increase your accuracy thanks to its patented Retina Lock Technology, they are now offering an unprecedented money-back guarantee. Your IQ Bowsight will increase your effective range by at least 20 yards, or you get your money back.

In an industry first, the makers of the IQ Bowsight are so confident in the remarkable leap forward in technology that their Bowsight provides, they have put their money where their mouth is by offering a guarantee that promises a 20-yard extension to your current effective range, or they will buy your IQ back for the retail price of the sight. [Read more…]

Swarovski CL Companion Wins Gray’s Best Award

Swarovski CL Companion

Swarovski CL Companion


SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, announces the CL Companion has won the prestigious Gray’s “Best Award” for best binocular. This award will be given as part of their 2012 Guides and Expeditions Annual edition.

“SWAROVSKI OPTIK of Austria, which over the past quarter century has become one of the most familiar names in high-end glass in the United States equips each binocular with features we have come to expect, including its patented optical coatings for effortless light transmission, a delightfully ergonomic design, easy focusing, and both durability and waterproof construction,” said Gray’s in an excerpt for the 2012 magazine. [Read more…]

G5 Creates Havoc

G5 Havoc Open

G5 changes the game on us again! This year they have introduced a new 2 blade broadhead that features German Steel Lutz blades. It also contains their new posi-lock blade-retention system. This means no o-rings, not rubber bands for a hassle-free system. Wait it gets better, the Havoc has a “balanced-blade” deployment system which allows both blades to always deploy at the same time, every time! [Read more…]

Virginia Passes Joint Resolution Funding

Congressional Sportsmens Foundation

Last week, the Virginia Senate passed a resolution (Senate Joint Resolution No. 210), celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the incredibly successful Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, a primary component of the American System of Conservation Funding.

“For 75 years the sportsmen and women of this nation have provided the vast majority of the funds necessary for our state fish and wildlife agencies to perform important conservation work. Their continued support has resulted in the abundant fish and wildlife populations that all citizens are able to enjoy today,” said Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr., Chief Patron of the resolution and Co-Chair of the Virginia Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. “This is a story that needs to be told; credit should be given where credit is due.” [Read more…]

Sure-Loc’s New Lethal Weapon Boasts Retina Lock and Gravity Drop

Sure-Loc Lethal Weapon

Sure-Loc, the industry leader in competitive archery sights, has added a new Lethal Weapon to its arsenal of hunting sights. The new Lethal Weapon is loaded with a host of new features, including the popular Retina Lockâ„¢ as well as Sure-Loc’s new Gravity Drop Technology.

The sophisticated technology of the Retina Lock provides instant feedback at a glance that will identify even the slightest torque or change in anchor point. This feedback will enforce proper form, build confidence, and most importantly, dramatically extend your effective range. [Read more…]