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3D and Field Shoot at NORVA

RMEF Donates for Wolf Management

Rocky-Mountain-Elk-Foundation-LogoRMEF Donates for Wolf Management in Montana

MISSOULA, Mont.”The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has offered, and the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has accepted, $51,000 in funding assistance for the states wolf management efforts.

Funding from RMEF will be paid directly to Wildlife Services. [Read more…]

Trophy Whitetail Rut Hunt


Trophy Whitetail Rut HuntHUNT THE RUT FOR TROPHY WHITETAILS! This is a 2012 November Rifle Hunt! The property that you will be hunting is 15,000 acres. It is all deeded private property in Alberta near the city of Wainwright. The trophy pic speak for themselves. Their average whitetail bucks are 155 to 165 inches and they kill bucks every year that are as big as 180+. Last year they killed two in the 180’s, 4 in the 170’s and the rest were in the 155 to 165 range. They also offer the entire property and lodge to groups of 4 hunters that come together. This is a very good opportunity to hunt above average deer that you really can’t find anywhere else. They have openings that will not last long, so if this is something that you want to do we suggest you book it as soon as you can. [Read more…]

Special Desert Sheep Hunt Offer

Special Desert Sheep Hunt Offer

Desert sheep hunting in South Baja with Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil (many know this area as the Biosphere Reserve) is as good as it gets. Over 100 GSCO members have taken the desert ram for their Grand Slam in this amazing area. This is one of the most well-organized desert sheep hunts anywhere. You see a photo here of Dennis Campbell and his huge ram taken a couple of years ago. These folks have been getting rams with an average of 170+ inches. [Read more…]