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Recharge Your Herd Health

Rack One Overload XCellerator

Rack One Overload XCellerator

If you’ve spent any time on your whitetail hunting property lately, you’ve probably noticed two events taking place: the does are beginning to show off distended bellies, and the bucks have started displaying some growths of their own. With pregnancies and antler growth progressing, there’s no time of the year when it’s more important to IGNITE™ your herd health with Rack One’s XCellerator™ mineral and Overload™ nutritional supplements. It’s a one-two punch to amp up your herd’s overall wellbeing. [Read more…]

Hot SD Archery Deer Hunt

SD Archery Deer Hunt 01The following hunt is available with a very good outfitter in Western South Dakota. Archers will have access to thousands of acres of private land in Western South Dakota. The tags is good for either mule deer or whitetail. Whitetail bucks are 120-150″ and mule deer are 140-170″ at the upper end. [Read more…]

Keep Your Gear Dry With SeaLife

Moisture Muncher PacketsBeing certain that your expensive electronics and camera gear will remain dry and completely operational when enjoying outdoor activities has always been a major challenge-that is, until now. With SeaLife Moisture Muncher Drying Agent packets and capsules, moisture can be quickly and easily removed from the containers that hold your valuables to prevent fogging, mildew and corrosion, saving you the heartache of equipment failure that leads to product replacement or, even worse, losing irreplaceable images on a camera when on a san diego whale watching tour. [Read more…]

Cameron Hanes Joins the Brunton

Brunton Hunting, an American Icon, is proud to announce hunting Icon Cameron Hanes has joined the Brunton family and is now wearing the new Brunton Icon binoculars as well as using Primus ultra light stoves and equipment during his “off-the-grid” hunting adventures.

Cam, a do it yourself backcountry hunter, pushes products to extreme measures with his adventure hunts. Having equipment that can go the distance he does is vital to his success. “Hunters can be a tough crowd. They are savvy buyers and can tell if what you preach is real or if you’re trying to sell them an ill bill of goods,” comments Cam. “You can’t pull the wool over their eyes. I am confident with my Brunton and Primus gear and would recommend it without hesitation.” [Read more…]

Major Developments in Wolf Management Efforts

Big Game ForeverBold Prediction on Nationwide Wolf Proliferation by Peterson’s Hunting Journal Wolves are the focus of the latest edition of Peterson’s hunting Journal  The magazine did a great job on the topic.  One bold prediction by Editor Mike Schoby who has watched the wolf debate from the last 17 years.  Here is the quote:  “My prediction?  In the next decade the wolf debate the wolf debate will no longer be centered around the West and upper Midwest, it will be a coast-to-coast issue, with deer being pulled down from Pennsylvania to California.”  The issue is worth the read.  Find a copy April/May 2012 Peterson’s Hunting Journal on a newsstand near you. [Read more…]

Field Logic Acquires S4Gear

Field Logics4GearField Logic has announced its acquisition of S4Gear.  The Field Logic family, which includes The Block archery targets, GlenDel Buck 3D targets, IQ Bowsights, Sure-Loc sights, X-Press bow presses and Apple Archery products, is excited for the growth that will come with the addition of S4Gear. [Read more…]

Second Call to Action

Wolves Chasing Bull Elk

Wolves Chasing Bull Elk

MOGA Members and Fellow Sportsmen,

Earlier in the week we told you of the FWP meetings scheduled to take comment on wolf management in Montana.  I hope you have made arrangements to attend and that you will speak on the issue.  FWP must hear your concerns.  If you are in the Eastern part of the state please show your support for those being impacted in the West and attend the Billings meeting. [Read more…]

Brunton Portable Power Introduces Resync

Brunton Resync 9000 Power PackRIVERTON, WYOMING- Brunton Hunting, a premiere leader in optics, portable power, navigation, instruments, lighting and gear announces the addition of the Resync to their portable power pack line.

The Resync is Brunton’s solution for demanding USB devices like tablet computers and e-readers, and is also compatible for smaller devices such as smart phones and GPS units. With a power gauge and auto shut-off, you never need to worry about overcharging. The all weather shell tough rubberized Adventure-Armor™ provides a positive grip and impact protection for extreme use. High efficiency ports and protective Adventure-armor™ makes this portable power pack the back-up of choice for hunters out in the field. [Read more…]

Moultrie Adds “Black Flash”

Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC announces the addition of “invisible” to its list of game camera features, introducing the Game Spy M-80 Black. Listening to its customers, Moultrie packed this pint-sized trail camera full of the latest technology available, including the highly sought after Black Flash.

With Black Flash Technology, the M-80 Black emits no visible LED light; providing ultimate concealment in the woods. This covert mini-cam easily doubles as a security camera for your cabin, home or hunting property. The M-80 Black provides clear, crisp images both day and night. Even with concealed LEDs, the 5.0 megapixel camera doesn’t compromise nighttime range lighting up the field out to 50-feet. Plus, the M-80 Black features Moultrie’s new Motion Freeze blur-reduction technology, greatly reducing the nighttime blur caused by an infrared flash. [Read more…]

Sunscreen or BEAR it?

Will Ferrell Sunburnt

Over the years, I have tried to build the store around products that are not only the best in the industry, but are also “HUNTER PROUD”! I have also tried this process with other purchases related to our household, office, clothing and the like. Needless to say this has proved to be somewhat difficult and challenging.

My good friend Al Quackenbush over at The SoCal Bowhunter posted an article not long ago sharing his experience on a very good product, that turned out to be “not” in favor of hunting and conservation of wildlife. also has a great forum to share resources on at [Read more…]