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Velocitip System Is The Most Versatile Tool In The Archery Industry

Velocitip Ballistic SystemToday’s archers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest bow, rest or arrow because archery is changing at a lightning fast pace and every archer wants an edge. These bowhunters and target archers are also willing to pay for expert advice from pro shop owners via archery lessons and bow tuning. These archers are now paying to have their bow tested and tuned with the Velocitip System. [Read more…]

Velocitip and Geeks Converge

Velocitip Docking StationMy good friend Brady Miller is an avid tournament archer, bowhunter and all around archery geek! Brady and I were discussing how we tune our bows prior to hunting season. We came across this great new technology, that takes the guess work out of what your arrow is doing downrange.

With our finding, archery geeks everywhere should check out the Velocitip from Full Flight Technology. Velocitip is an electronic bow tuning device, a field point with a brain that records all the data from the bow as it is being shot into a target. [Read more…]

APA Is Not The Same

APA Nano, is the smoothest, most efficient single-cam bow that I have ever shot! This bow is 30″ axle-to-axle sends darts downrange up to 330fps all with a 7.25″ brace height for a comfortable shot!

However, don’ let  comfort fool you into thinking this bow is slow!


[Read more…]

Vermont Leashed Tracking Dogs for Recovery of Game

Image by United Blood Trackers

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is providing the following list of certified leashed tracking dog owners who will help locate deer, bear or moose that have been shot during hunting season but not yet recovered. The leashed tracking dog owners must pass an extensive exam administered by Fish & Wildlife in order to be certified and licensed to provide their services. [Read more…]