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Rifle Giveaway to Honor Veteran and Benefit Wounded Warrior Outdoors

Wounded Warrior Outdoors Paul Hobel Memorial RaffleTickets for this amazing and special rifle will be available through link to Paypal below, and at the WWO booths at the Wild Sheep Foundation show next February.

The full 100% of the proceeds will go to WWO to support the work they’re doing and the services they provide.

Paul impacted literally thousands of lives and your donation will help ensure that our wounded warriors will be equipped and able to inspire a new generation of service members, firefighters, husbands, brothers, uncles to keep smiling, never give up, and be interesting.

Purchase tickets at the bottom of this page (proceeds go directly to Wounded Warriors Outdoors)!

Full Flight Technology Now Offers Turbo Tape Select

Full Flight Technology Turbo Tape SelectFull Flight Technology, creator of UNO Archery App, the top ranked smartphone App dedicated to bowhunting, is pleased to announce that the UNO App now delivers even more for archers.

New for 2016, a TURBO Sight Tape Select feature is included in the UNO App. The TURBO Tape Select quickly and precisely identifies the best matched sight tape from the pre-printed tapes provided with leading single pin sights. Now, with the UNO App a user no longer has to step back 50-60 yards for a second sight mark. Instead, enter a measured arrow speed, peep measurements and select from vanes or feathers. The UNO App immediately selects the best matched sight tape for HHA, Black Gold and CBE single pin sights. Just choose one distance of 20 or more yards, sight-in and align the selected tape with that one yardage mark – you’re done.  [Read more…]

Montana Decoy Introduces PURR-FECT Pair

Montana Decoy PURR-FECT PAIR in the fieldTurkey hunters can now be ready for any phase of the season with the PURR-FECT PAIR™ from Montana Decoy. The new PURR-FECT PAIR™ 3D Jake and hen combo gives hunters an easy-to-carry, life-like combo pack effective throughout the entire turkey season. Feather cuts, multiple leg pole options and Perfect Pose Technology™ make these decoys versatile and realistic. [Read more…]

Mystery Ranch Redesigns the Metcalf Backpack Specifically for Hunters

Mystery Ranch MetcalfBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, introduces the king of hunting packs—the Metcalf.

As a versatile hunting backpack for multi-day quests into the wilds, the Metcalf features both a large main packsack and a detachable, smaller day lid for quick stalks. [Read more…]

MARSHALL – Mystery Ranch Designs and Builds the Ultimate Backcountry Hunter’s Pack

Mystery Ranch MarshallBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH®, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, unveils the do-all pack for those hunters who take the trail less traveled for days on end—the Marshall.

Like its namesake—the Bob Marshall Wilderness—this expedition pack is expansive, accessible and full of surprises, though it carries like a daypack of the smallest proportions, even when loaded to the seams.  [Read more…]

Bring Home The Bacon With The Rinehart Woodland Boar Target

Rinehart Woodland Boar TargetAdding to its already diverse lineup of sculpted, life-like targets, Rinehart® introduces the Woodland Boar™ to its extensive collection of archery targets. Like all Rinehart sculpted targets, the Woodland Boar is designed to take exceptional amounts of shots—from field points and broadheads alike—and still maintain its structural integrity for unparalleled target life thanks to a legendary, self-healing foam insert. In addition, Rinehart paid extra attention to detail in both the form and finish of the target, resulting in a target that’s anything but “boaring” to shoot, whether you’re shooting a compound bow or a crossbow. [Read more…]

AVIAN-X DECOYS: New Laydown Hen



SCAPEGOAT: The Ultimate Daypack from Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch ScapegoatBozeman, MT – MYSTERY RANCH®, an industry-leading pack company with multiple product lines focused on function, comfort, quality and durability, introduces the Scapegoat to their all-new 2016 hunting line. The Scapegoat is an agile daypack made specifically for the core gear that is needed during shorter single and half day hunts.

This adaptable, hunting daypack allows you to remain nimble & stealthy through the tightest topography. Nothing makes you feel more one with the woods than trekking effortlessly and silently across demanding terrain. The Scapegoat is specifically designed for this purpose.

With a minimalistic and highly compressible bag, the narrow body-panel framing allows for movement and flexibility, while maintaining a stiff, active frame for those heavier loads. The highly-engineered Traverse system creates a dual-point energy transfer through the waist belt, enhancing your comfort as you move through the Wilderness.

The Scapegoat is the ultimate solution for brief hunts that don’t require an extensive amount of gear. In the same breath, this pack still can handle larger loads and long treks without sacrificing comfort and proper load carriage. [Read more…]

G5 Unveils All-New Quivers For Prime Bows

G5 Prime 1-Piece-Quiver SystemMemphis, Michigan —Prime Archery®, by G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment—has developed the one- and two-piece Prime Quivers™ to pair with new Prime bows and the new Sherpa Attachment System™.

Designed to be lightweight and extremely adjustable, the Prime Quivers feature a durable design and state-of-the-art arrow grippers to hold six arrows of any shaft diameter with security, yet allows easy and quick arrow removal for when seconds count.

Built around the new Sherpa Attachment System, both the one- and two-piece Prime Quivers connect and detach quickly for hunters who need a system that’s as mobile and diverse as their hunting style. [Read more…]

Cyber Monday TITIN Offer

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