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Best Lightweight Gear for Backcountry Hunting

Best Lightweight Gear for Backcountry HuntingHow do you define what is the Best?

How do you begin the search for the “best” camping, hiking or hunting gear? There are so many brands and styles and some of it can be pretty expensive too unless you have a bass pro shops promo code. This question and the results are a bit subjective and personal. As everyone has a different way of “researching”. Some may just use referrals, read their favorite magazines, blog or forums to get their information and let’s not forget the “gearheads” as they try everything themselves! Then, of course, there are those that wait for sales to buy their gear because they want to save money. Sites like are helpful for this because you can see when REI stores are having sales on. And the results may not suit everyone as what my fit or exceed my needs and wants, may not fit or exceed yours. [Read more…]