3,000 Doe-fawn Licenses Available

Sheridan, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department plans to issue 3,000 licenses to hunt deer in an area near Sheridan this fall.

The department says recent mild winters and a high reproduction rate for deer mean more opportunities for hunters. The purpose is to reduce the deer population so they do less damage to livestock forage and wildlife habitat. Deer also can be a hazard on roads and highways.

The licenses apply to Hunt Area 24 outside Sheridan. Hunting season begins Sept. 1 and ends Dec. 20. Hunters who buy the licenses will be allowed to kill up to four does or fawns.

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  1. They are allowed to hunt fawns?

    • My first impression was the same question as yours. Then, I looked at it from a conservation perspective. If they are issuing that many tags, then there is a deer population issue.

      A lot of hunters only hunt bucks which in turn leaves the “breeders” behind.

      It would be great if someone from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department would comment. This way I would not be providing incorrect information.