About Me

Winded-BowhunterI provide updates on conservation, environmental issues, hunting updates, gear reviews, family, other related outdoor information, and stories of my own personal adventures.

The more information that you have, the more prepared you will be. I have learned this in my adventures, and this will assist you in having greater success in your adventures!

I have a love of wildlife, passion for hunting, the pure backcountry and bowhunting the remote wildernesses of this great planet. I have tried to base my life and career around the things I love most, my family, bowhunting the backcountry, conservation and traveling to Italy.

I grew up in Delaware and moved to Virginia when I was 14 and started bowhunting with a friend from high school who introduced me to this new “hunting world.”

I killed my first deer with a PSE Polaris bow on opening day, the first time ever hunting! My friend bailed on me because it was raining. The whole story is better around a campfire!

Since that time, I have grown to hunt primarily with my bow. I hunt everything from small game, to predators, to big game in this great country of ours. I am a first-generation hunter and a self-taught outdoorsman. I love sharing my trials and successes of hunting, just as much as listening to other hunter’s stories.

I reside in Virginia with my beautiful wife, 1 son, 2 dogs at home and 3 other sons not at home exploring their own adventures.

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I appreciate your time of viewing the site. Your emails, your comments are appreciated, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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