Disclosure Policy

This blog is not primarily financially driven. I never “sell” my posts, every post and every page (aside from Press Releases) are my own creation. I have some specific vendor links on the site. I get a small percentage of every sale, but it does not cost you any more money. Every penny goes back into the site hosting and development.

When I speak at a conference or event, I generally do not pay a registration fee for that event. I pay my own travel and hotel expenses when I speak at an event.

I do not run advertisements or otherwise receive any monetary compensation from the operation of my website.

That said, late in 2009, the FTC started requiring bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.  In the past couple of months the FTC’s guidelines have become a little more clear, so here’s our Product Review Policy and FTC Disclosure, and we’ll build a link to this disclosure into every future product review, for your reading pleasure.

Product Review Policy

  • I only write positive things about products I actually like and or use.
  • Most of my reviews are positive, because if I don’t like a product, I just don’t post a review on it.

FTC Disclosure
Product’s manufacturers, sales representatives or dealers send me products to review and may have done any combination of the following:

  • Are friends with us
  • Bought us drinks and/or food
  • Featured us in their sales and marketing media, or other publications
  • Sent us products at no cost to review and then keep
  • Sent us products at no cost to review and then send back to them
  •  Taken us hunting or fishing and then refused our offer for transportation fees


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