Archer Xtreme Triad Stabilizer

AXT Archer XtremeArcher Xtreme™ has created more than a stir; it has transformed the archery landscape like a tidal wave. Simply riding high on a wave of success has never quelled Archer Xtreme’s innovative spirit and the AXT Carbon Triad stabilizer is proof. AXT’s Carbon Triad stabilizer does not look, or act, like the competition’s stabilizers for a reason. It simply is in a class all of its own.

Round rods and tubes are part of archery stabilizer history and that’s where they belong. Archer Xtreme has taken Carbon Technology in new directions by applying it to a flat plane to create a triangular shape and enhance the AXT Carbon Triad’s strength, but that is only half the story. The triangular design alone is not responsible for the stabilizer’s superior
vibration dampening.

Internal to the AXT Carbon Triad is the innovative 3K Carbon plane and dampening core followed by the unique Triad Dampening Cone with Flex Blade Technology. Combined, this makes the AXT Carbon Triad 120 times stronger than steel and lighter than other stabilizers in its class.

Upon letting an arrow fly, the bow releases its potential energy and generates vibration. These vibrations are channeled down the AXT Carbon Triad similar to a tuning fork. That is where the TPR over-mold on the Dampening Cone, along with the Triad’s three blades flex and contact the exterior dampening wall. The result is superior elimination of vibration that leaves the competition staring in awe.

Archer Xtreme ensures quality by controlling the manufacturing process from beginning to end. That means from engineering and design to countless hours of field-testing to the hand lay-up of the 3K Carbon material. Archer Xtreme guarantees its superior quality by controlling the entire manufacturing process in-house at the AXT factory.

Beyond the innovative design and use of carbon, Archer Xtreme products top the competition by the use of particular X-Factors and the AXT Carbon Triad is no exception. The AXT Carbon Triad features the patent-pending 3K T.C.R. Triangular Carbon Ridge. The carbon body provides superior strength. The 3K C.B.R. carbon support frame is stronger, lighter and stops the effects of vibration. The V.A.C. Vibration Absorbing Coating is a rubberized clear coat that increases performance with additional vibration diminishing properties. Last, but certainly not least in importance to the X-Factors is the Triad Dampener Cone with TPR over-mold blades that stop vibration thanks to the unique design.

Combined, these X-Factors add up to the ultimate stabilizer ready to conquer the challenges faced the most extreme archers the world has to offer. Vibration-free shooting and stealth would mean little without a healthy dose of camo concealment. The Carbon Triad excels in this category as well with your choice of Black Out, Realtree™ APG, Mossy Oak® Tree Stand or Gore Optifade.

For more information on the Archer Xtreme Carbon Triad or Archer Xtreme’s full selection of high-performance sights, quivers, stabilizers and archery accessories, please contact: Archer Xtreme at P.O. Box 328 Belgrade, MT 59714. • Telephone: (406) 924-6113 • Or visit

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