Archery Clinic

Archery Clinic

Finally something most of you have been asking for…


I have garnered the time of two members that have archery teaching credentials. The initial assumption is that all participants will be beginner to intermediate. If there are some more advanced, we will adjust as needed.

The clinic will be held at the LCC-IWLA Archery Practice Range from 1 – 3pm on Sunday, June 5th.

If I can get an RSVP from those that will attend and your skill level, it will help me to determine if I need to ask for some more advanced archers to come and assist.

As we are allotting 2 hours for the class, we will go over the following:

1. Go over the rules of the range
2. Warm Up and Stretch
2. Have everyone do an “Eye Dominance Test”
3. For those who do not have their own equipment, we can hand out what we have.
4. Go over the proper skills of:
•    Stance
•    Bow Hand Grip
•    Nocking an arrow
•    Setup
•    Draw
•    Anchor
•    Release
•    Follow Through
5. Show Proper way to pull arrows
6. Practice Session
7. Put Equipment Away

This is just the beginning. The attendance and feedback from this clinic will help determine future content and format.

We’ll see you soon.

John La Forge
Archery Chairman
Izaak Walton League
Loudoun County Chapter

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