BOB and Ciro

Ciro at Busch Gardens showing off his blue tongue

Ciro at Busch Gardens showing off his blue tongue

If you like to run with your child, I mean really run, go to outdoor events that require some field or woods navigation, look no further and put your moolah down on a BOB stroller. This stroller steers straight not like that shopping cart you end of getting on Saturday mornings at your grocery store! You want a stroller that will roll effortlessly over rocks, limbs, dirt, grave, grass and the occasional cow pie! All the while keeping your kid cozy and safe!

You may be saying to yourself, “how does this relate to conservation or hunting?” We enjoy the great outdoors and after having kids, we did not want to lose that time outdoors because of the kids. Plus, we wanted to introduce the kids to the outdoors at an early age and this one just one of the ways.

BOB Strollers have created strollers for rugged terrain, that will help you getting down cramped isles in your favorite store. BOB Stroller has created a Blog, so that other parents can see what they are paying for and how other’s like the strollers. Stroller Depot created some videos for those that want to see how the products work before they buy. If you are interested in health and fitness, the BOB Stroller has you covered with a section on their website.

The stroller weighs 21 pounds, It tracks straight and rolls effortlessly down most terrains. On rugged off-road terrain, a little pushing is required but once momentum takes over, just a steady hand on the grip bar is all that is needed.

For the kid sitting inside, the seat is pretty comfortable according to Ciro!. There are cup holder pockets. The seat provides an extended seat recline that offers a 70-degree tilt from the stroller’s upright position. Another feature is the large canopy, which unfolds to enclose your kid in a shady ride.

I will say from my wife’s and my personal experience, that you will not be disappointed with this purchase, even with the higher price of the BOB strollers. We have been using the BOB stroller for a little over 3 years now. The only additional accessories that we purchased and used were the Weather Shield and the Handlebar Console. We use the BOB Sport Utility stroller a lot, as Ciro’s little legs will eventually get tired from a day of walking around at the outlets, fairs, amusement parks and the like. The only times we don’t use the stroller is when we are flying across county, as it is just too big and when we are doing some serious hiking, where it can be too rugged for the stroller. Times like these, Ciro will split the time walking or riding on the Sherpa’s (me) back.

* great for walking or jogging or hiking
* ease of use
* durable
* smooth ride
* folds easily
* we stopped using my other stroller
* lightweight

* bulky
* large when folded

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