Bow Creek’s Buck Fuel Soy Sauce – Review

Bow Creek Outdoors Buck Fuel Soy SauceI primarily hunt smaller properties that don’t necessarily hold deer throughout the day and year.

This makes it very challenging to hunt in October and after the middle of November in these areas.

I have been in the market looking for some food products to enhance and benefit the deer in my area, for several years now.

I gave food plots a go, sent out soil samples, while not impossible to maintain, I found that mountain soil is tough to work with let alone that the soil is shallow.

So, my trials and research brought me to supplements and no, not “attractants” that have no benefit to the deer! And by benefit, I mean the development of healthy bucks, does, and fawns.

Sure, I know of the big brands that you see on whitetail hunting shows and or full-page ads in the magazines. But, I wanted a “real” product that was truly beneficial to the deer.

I did try a few different brands and styles in the past few years.

Some would bring deer back for years, even after it was visibly gone! But, was it beneficial to the deer?

While I was attending The Great American Outdoor Show, I noticed the Bow Creek Outdoors booth. I stopped by to talk to them about their supplement products as well as their trail cameras. After talking a bit, about their different products, experiences, we found that we had a lot of the same friends, but for whatever reason, just never crossed paths.

I was intrigued by the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce, which is a Protein/Calcium Supplement for Whitetails, that has a balance of 25% Protein, 16% Calcium and less than 20% salt. Soy Sauce is made fresh with local grains and essential minerals purchased within 5 miles of their facility in Pennsylvania. The Buck Fuel Soy Sauce is both course and powdery textures. It is made with steam-cooked soybeans, as this provides increased retention of the nutrients (43% Protein) and the all-important fat is not burned off! The Buck Fuel Soy Sauce is a protein-based supplement that can be used year-round but is most impactful during the winter months and during the fawning process. Buck Fuel Soy Sauce is formulated to help bucks grow bigger antlers by giving the bucks the protein and minerals they need during the harsh winter months as well as after green up in the spring. These ingredients also help does maintain and improve health during pregnancy and fawning.
Buck Fuel Soy Sauce Close UpI purchased a few bags of Buck Fuel Soy Sauce and a Bow Creek BC-42 Black-Out IR Trail Camera (review here).Bow Creek Outdoors Buck Fuel Soy Sauce and BC-42 Trail CameraThe following weekend after the show, my son and I went to one of our hunting areas and put out 7-8 lbs. of the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce, along with the Bow Creek BC-42 Black-Out IR Trail Camera. We wanted to see if we could pull deer to this part of the property as we don’t hunt this part due to the tough area to get in and out of, especially in the dark.

To put the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce down, we just cleared a 2-foot squared area and poured the bag’s contents evenly across the cleared area. We didn’t mix the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce with anything at all, as we want to check a few points of interest out. One being, how long would it take for the deer to find the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce? As it was not near a normal travel corridor. How long would the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce last, before we needed to replenish the site?

Ciro spreading Buck Fuel Soy SauceOur initial findings were:
It took 6 hours for the deer to show up on camera after Soy Sauce site was created
First photo of deer eating the Soy Sauce was 19 minutes after the first photo of deer at the site
There was constant eating of the Soy Sauce and pictures taken of deer through 15 hours, 11 minutes and 27 seconds
After the above note time duration, the 4GB card was full, so no space for additional pictures after just over 15 hours in the field.
A total of 10 different deer (4 bucks and 6 does) attended the Soy Sauce site

Current setup is photo images only / 12mb images / 2 images in Multi-shot / Reset of 1 minute
The replaced SD card is a 32GB card, so we’ll see how many images this card captures, it’s timeframe until full and duration before Soy Sauce site is depleted.
I may need to increase the reset timeframe to 2 minutes on the Bow Creek BC-42 Black-Out IR Trail Camera, to increase the images captured on the card.

Once the site was visibly cleared of the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce, we replenished the site with 16 lbs. of Buck Fuel Soy Sauce.
This time, it took 6 days for the deer to eat all the of the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce!

I can see that I will be replenishing the site often, but will moderate the consumption to 10 lbs. per week going forward!

I will continue to put the Buck Fuel Soy Sauce through the end of August, per Bow Creek Outdoors’ recommendation.

If this level of activity continues for at least a year, we hopefully will begin to see some benefits in the health and size of the deer next year! I am hopeful that I will begin to see an increase in the deer’s body weight and antler size.

I have put a reminder on my calendar to update this post annually, for the next 4 years, to update the findings!

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