BowPlane2 Gain Flight or Crash

BowPlane2The new BowPlane2 uses laser to project a light 360* around the inside area of a bow. With this light you can set centershot on your rest, windage on sight pins and check for cam lean. Β All without shooting your bow once!

The BowPlane snaps onto your bowstring with its integrated bow square and lies across your arrow rest just like your arrow does. It operates off four AAA batteries, which are included.

Once it is turned on, the BowPlane projects a visible red laser light, 360Β° around the inside perimeter of the bow. It projects along the string, upper and lower limbs, rest and sight pins too. What does this do for you? This allows you to quickly adjust centershot on your rest and preset the windage on your sight pins.

This goes beyond the old “eyeballing” the alignment of these points to start the tuning process of your bow.

DoubleTake’s BowPlane 2 is the perfect tuning too and relatively easy to use! Here are some basic steps:

1. Push the end switch in to activate/turn on the laser

2. Rotate the BowPlane until the laser aligns with the entire length of the bowstring.

2. Adjust the rest left or right until the laser aligns with cams and/or idler wheels.

3. Double check that your bowstring and cams are aligned

4. Tighten the bolts on your rest

5. Move your sight housing left or right until the sight pins are aligned with the laser

6. Start paper tuning or whatever your next step would be in you bow tune process

This tool when used with the Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level on your bow will greatly speed up the setup time and tuning of your bow.

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